Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Tooth fairy is one busy lady!!!

Ummm, yup she sure is! The kids went to the dentist yesterday (Alex wasn't supposed to go, but my sweet dentist called and said she would take him right after Alyssa's appt to make things easier) Alex has a spacer put in where they pulled his molar the other week and Alyssa had to have a molar pulled as well. It actually fell apart while they were taking it out (ewwwwww!!!). Now, they both have to go back this week again...Alex to have his teeth cleaned on Friday and Alyssa to get some fillings on Thursday! Whew, glad Bill's been taking them!

Today, should be a normal day, whatever that may be. I can't believe we're almost done the school year! I also can't believe that Alex will be in grade six next year!!!Um wasn't he just in diapers?!?!!? Wasn't I agonizing over weaning him from breastfeeding?Wasn't I praying that he would get over the terrible twos (threes, fours) faster than he was? I will tell you one thing is for sure, when Mariah is driving me batty with her 2 almost 3 yrs old stuff, I remind myself that this stage will be over much too soon and she will be a 10yo in no time. Before I know it, this season of life will be over. My mom says that I will NOT miss the mess or the noise, but I beg to differ....I really think I will...I LOVE my life and I enjoy every part of it....guess I'll just have to be the annoying mother who keeps begging her children for grandchildren!!LOL I'm really excited about that stage of life as well, oh to be a Nana!!

But for now, I will be the crazy Mama and soon to be Auntie!! Mariah is proving to be the most 'interesting' 2yo I've had yet. I can't believe she's going to be 3 in just a few days (well, 14 sleeps to be exact) She is my most funniest little one and can make me smile/laugh/cry/rip-my-hair out all at the same time child.

Quick update on Matthew, he's doing really good and is such a happy boy, I can't get over what a happy, peaceful little baby he is. He basically never cries and greets each day with a smile. He's been a bit bear-ish with his teeth trying to come in, but even still, he's always got a big toothless, droll smile for his Mama and Daddy. I haven't got him to sleep in the crib yet, but I'm not rushing it, no need to. They all eventually migrate out of our room. Alex was my longest, he was almost 3, but he's proof that they do eventually wean from the breast and the family bed and diapers....all in their own time!!!

Have a blessed Tuesday!!!