Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Catching Up!!

I have been so busy these last few days! Where to start....
Excuse the bullet form post!!LOL
-Matthews rash is completely gone, and he is all better, it completely cleared up on Saturday. It was Roseola. So I guess in a sense I was wrong (not to completely push all the blame on the doctor, since I DID say that Mariah had already HAD Roseola) At least now they're both done!!LOL Personally, I would rather have them be babies when they get it, Mariah seemed much more uncomfortable with it.

-Robbie had his 7th birthday on Thursday!! My Grandma and Great Grandma came and we had cupcakes and Ice cream cones. Grandma also brought some outdoor toys (A Rugby set and a Golf set....she really enjoys payback!!)There are pics in the Flickr!

-Friday LAKE DAY!! We met up with Kerri and her kiddo's at the lake. Lot's of fun again. I swear this is what is making the summer bearable!!LOL Knowing that on Friday the kids will play and Kerri and I can visit!!LOL If only they had a Starbucks or Timmy's there.............

-Saturday Bill went and picked up a Ginormous lot of stuff from Freecycle for me!! So I spent the day re-organizing/cleaning my kitchen. I had over 8 boxes of 'stuff' to unpack!! The clothing was nasty...ewwwww!!! i don't understand why someone would do that. I was hoping to find some clothing for my little man (see below) who has next to no wardrobe!!LOL There were 3 bags and he had said there was some ladies clothing but he didn't want to sort through it (no problem, it was his Ex) Let's just say I was actually nervous to put my hand in the bag!!LOL But I managed to get two t-shirts for Matthew, thankfully they took a bleaching nicely!!LOL These people were not the most cleanest, but hey, that is why there is bleach!!

So all in all, I got some new pots and Tupperware and some other dishes and my kitchen is organized. There was also a whole bunch of cutlery, which I REALLY needed!! So then I turned around and Freecycled what I couldn't use and some stuff that was in my cupboards that I haven't used forever. (like a two person indoor grill?? small pans??)

I also cleaned out some clothing that I had that doesn't fit the kids and doesn't belong to anyone AND won't sell as well some of my clothes that I usually alternate between donating and Freecycling.
So all in all between yesterday and the day before I got rid of 3 garbage bags and four boxes!!

Now this week, the kids and I have been busy cleaning and organizing the basement. I'm hoping to come across a play kitchen, play house and the like on Freecycle. I would love to find a table and chairs set too. I want to turn the basement area into an area with 'centers' for play set up. like a housekeeping center, a media center, etc. But, I need to find the toys first!!LOL You'd think with having 6 kids my house would be over run with toys, but it's not. It's why they get so excited when stuff gets passed down to them!!LOL Of course, I do get some mommy-guilt with that, should I be buying my kids toys?? But, I don't. They like to spend their allowance at Value Village once in awhile, Bill and I get them one toy for their birthday and then about a month before Christmas we go through all their toy's and they all usually donate a small box to either freecycle or goodwill.

We also organized the girls room again. I moved both Kayla's and Alyssa's dressers into my laundry room and then put a shelf in their room. Gives them more space and makes it easier for me to put their clothes away. I'm hoping it will somewhat eliminate the clothing issues that kept happening, dirty clothing and clean clothing getting mixed up!!

So, over the next little while I am hoping to finish the basement and hopefully, prayerfully, have it set up as a nice play area(C'mon Freecycle!!!)!! Then before I know it, it'll be time to start cleaning and organizing the homeschool area!! We don't have a startdate until about sept.10th or at least sometime that week!!LOL

Tonight, I think Kerri and I are going out for coffee! Maybe I will embarrass her and take pics!!LOL *giggle*
This is supposed to be grocery week, but I don't think it'll be happening. We are still waiting for Bill's dumb stupid EX employer to give his holiday pay to him. So we'll see!! Prayers!!

Speaking about prayer and believing that the Lord will provide, the clothing that I got on the weekend for Matthew just well, wasn't. So I was bummed, but thought God will provide a way. So then last night I was checking my email and there was a post on Freecycle for a big lot of baby boys clothing. I figured it was taken since it had been posted a while before I saw it. It wasn't and now Bill can pick it up on saturday!!! I hope it's nice, I think it is, she sounds like a regular Mama and said that she really loved some of the stuff in there. Hopefully!

Friday is another lake day!!Woot!!

well, time to get going on today!!
have a blessed Tuesday!


Misty said...

What size clothes does Matthew need? Summer stuff or are you looking for winter?

A Mama in Seventh Heaven said...

Both actually, although more fall/winter. I have been rotating the few outfits I have pretty easily through the summer since it's been so hot, he's lived in a undershirt and his wool shortie. As for size, I'm looking for 9mos and up. The chunky monkey is almost 20lbs now, and outgrew stuff so fast!!LOL

Multi-tasking Mom said...

Wow, he's a big guy now! Hanna's still a wee 16 lbs. I hope that this next lot turns out to be perfect for him.

Cakes said...

what a lot you got done! I really need to try freecycle.It just hasn't worked for me, yet. I'm going to try again. You inspired me. and the basement has inspired me, too!