Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Doctor was wrong

I had already come to this conclusion partially last night, when Mariah began scratching her butt cheek...ummmmm I don't put bugspray/sunscreen on her butt cheeks!!LOl Then come this morning, the decision was final, I know for a fact she was wrong, why?!?!
take a look at this!
Rash Victim Number 2
Poor Matthew, the rash claims it's second victim!

This is exactly how Mariah's looked on Sunday when she woke up, resembles a heat rash. This is Matthew I would say it's a fairly accurate assumption that this is a virus related rash. Now which one, I don't know!! Anyone got any ideas? It's an itchy one and the spots are raised and some have 'pimply' tops while others are just bumps. The good news is that there doesn't seem to be any other symptoms, no fever or anything! Mariah has been vaccinated against Measles (although I now it's not 100%) Where as Matthew has not (not until he's 12mos).
Here's what I know it's not:
-chicken pox (I wish!!)
-Scarlet fever (no sore throats, although dr did say to keep an eye out for peeling hands/feet and a strawberry tongue)
-Hand, Foot, and Mouth (ruled out by dr, but not by me. However there are no 'blisters' on Mariah's hands or feet or in her mouth.)
*sigh* There are so many virus's that cause a rash, so really, who knows. I just hate having the kids with something and not knowing what it is!!! I like answers!!LOL
I'm curious to see if anyone else will get it, or if it will stay with the youngers?!?! time will tell!!

Well, it's been a long day so far, besides a grumpy itchy baby and pre-schooler. Everyone was up SUPER early this morning thanks to a HUGE thunderstorm.

Have a blessed Wednesday!


Christa said...

Looks like 5th diesease to me. I used to run a child care center -we saw that on more that one occasion - bad thing about it is, you don't know the kiddos has it until the rash, but by then, it is over.

Praying for sweet littles - itchy rashes are no fun.


Multi-tasking Mom said...

It's easy for me to say now, having read your later posts, but that totally looks like roseola to me. When I did homedaycare, one of my charges had it and the doctor diagnosed it as scarlet fever, only to find out later that it was roseola. I hope everybody is better now.