Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sometimes my Kids Amaze Me

Okay, so sometimes they amaze me in a negative way!!LOl However this time it was positive, one of those moments where you think to yourself "hmmm, maybe I do do something right every now and again"

Mariah is not allowed outside right now, most likely just for today to let her rash heal. However, the other kids are allowed outside. I was actually dreading the scene that would entail should the older four venture outside only to leave the lone rash girl inside. Oh how there would be screams, yells. Items would be thrown, the injustice would be unimaginable!! Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that. They all decided that since Mariah wasn't allowed outside, that none of them would go outside because ya know, it just wouldn't be fair Mom!!! As I sat waiting for some sort of ultimatum or other, there was nothing and off they went.

However, all things comes with a cost! My living room is currently being taken apart. There are cushions everywhere, toys all over.....ugh! Ah well, perhaps the lesson of empathy is much more at front here than a messy living room!!

I on the other hand, have many things to get done today. Laundry, vacuuming, dishes...oh, don't I do that everyday?!?!!?

well, I suppose getting that done would be much more efficient if I were to remove my butt from in front of this screen and get going!!LOL
Have a blessed Tuesday!!


CreditMum said...

My daughter amazes me every day when I suddenly learn something new and interesting from her. I began to search my mind how nd where did she get that. It is so nice and funny!

Paul said...

Wowo!!! Great!!!! Six chidren in our lazy and expensive times!!!! By the way - when your oldest and youngest children were born?