Monday, July 16, 2007

Just another manic monday

wish it were some OTHER day!!LOL Okay, no other new lyrics to bore you with!!

First off I have been wishing it was bedtime since about 2am THIS morning. I was up all night with both Mariah and Matthew. mariah woke up yesterday with what I thought was just a heat rash, although as the day and night wore on, it continued to get worse. Matthew was off all day yesterday, but I just chalked it up to being one of those days. However through the night it became clear that there was more involved. By this morning I decided they both should be seen, I figured Matthew most likely had his very first ear infection and I had no clue what was going on with Mariah.

After sitting and waiting for over an hour in a virus infested waiting room (with a family sitting a few feet away from me with their little girl barfing in a bucket...ewwww) and a man sitting across from us coughing up a lung and the lady sitting a few feet away from us in the other direction with a toddler crying and coughing......we finally got in to see our doctor. She checks Mariah over and asks the usual questions "eating alright?" "yup" "any fever?" "nope" hmmmmmmm I'm not sure. She looks her over more closely and then asks if we have been outside a lot and if I use sunscreen and bug repellent. Um, yes I most definitely do! She figures it's one of a few things, either she is allergic to the sunscreen, the bug spray or a combination of the two. She figures that applying it every day for over a week straight has cause her skin to become 'sensitive' if not allergic to it. So, now she has to stay inside for the next 24-48hrs to give her skin a rest and we will be using a wrist band that apparently is supposed to repel mosquitoes. I hope it's not the sunscreen!! That stuff is too expensive to try a slew of different brands!! we shall see!! She also gave us some cortisone cream to apply to help with the discomfort and to calm it down
But here's how my baby girl looks right now:
This is why we were at the doctors

Now with Matthew, he's a mystery!!LOL His ears are perfectly clear, her conclusion, he's teething and it's radiating into his ears. Which I had originally thought as well, but you can never be too sure when it's a baby and a possible ear infection, I do not like to play around with those! So, we'll try tylenol for a few days and see what happens. poor baby, he's not usually an unhappy boy!! Even with his first two bottom teeth, he wasn't that bad. Maybe his top ones are all going to come in at the same time?!?!I refuse to use that baby crap orajel. I guess if he needs to nurse for 12hrs straight, so be it!!

So, I am hoping for some decent sleep tonight....hoping!!

Last night we had some crazy weather, we were even under a tornado watch!! I don't think our city has ever actually had a tornado before, not as long as I have lived here and that's over 28yrs!!But check out these clouds!!
This was basically right over top of my house:
Scary Clouds!!

and a bit closer:
Yikes, scary clouds!!

Thankfully, praise the Lord, nothing serious came out of it!! as much as I would love to witness a tornado in person, I would rather not have my family/friends go through it...yeah maybe I should've been a storm chaser!!LOL For now, I'll take the challenges from the storms within my own walls!!

Have a blessed evening and I am going to try and get my menus posted in the food blog tonight, we'll see after I get my babes in bed!!