Thursday, July 12, 2007

The funny things they say

This morning Bill was going through some change to put the 'smaller' coins into the change jar we have. He left it all sitting on our dresser. A little while later, I am getting Matthew out of bed and Robbie was chatting to me, he noticed the pile of pennies, dimes and nickles sitting on our dresser and says, "WOW, is this all the money Daddy earned at his new job?" ROFL!!! Oh to be at the age where nickles, dimes and pennies meant you had a ton of money!!

Today is a busy day, I want to make sure everything is packed for the lake tomorrow that isn't food. I have to wash a couple of life jackets. Make sure everyone has their change of clothes and towels in their bags. Make sure that the blanket is clean and ready to go, then try to fit all of the crap stuff into the stroller!! Ah, well I've made work every other year!! Then go grocery shopping, then come home and put all said groceries away, then pack food for tomorrow. There is a good possibility it could be a late night. I'm sure Mariah is going to be in a joyful mood today...not! She was up and down a ton of times with quite a few mosquito bites on the backs of her legs, poor girl. They are huge, so finally she caved in around 4am and took some Benadryl. Today only a couple are going outside and they're going out earlier so they can wear pants and long sleeved shirts to put the bug stuff on.

Well, best get off here and get going on the day...which apparently is going to start off with my changing Matthew........Goooooooood Mornin'!!

Have a blessed Thursday and Friday, I should be on here tomorrow night with pics!!