Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When will I learn

Okay, so 'Bronzed Betty' has no sunscreen in it (which I knew before I put it on, which makes me even more of a dork) But, i thought that maybe it might give me a! Definitely have a glow, more of the red variety however!!LOL It's not that bad, but I really should've known that sunscreen would've been a better choice on my ghastly white skin. What's even more fun, the children making fun of me. "Well Mommy, guess you shoulda put the sunscreen on" Yeah, yeah!!

Next few days are going to be busy, groceries tomorrow night, lake on Friday. I've decided I am going to cross the line, I am going to take my camera grocery shopping. I mean really, as if I don't look odd enough with my baby strapped to my body in a piece of cloth, walking around with a woman who has a multitude of piercings (I think over 25 in her ears alone, then there is her nose and eyebrows) not too mention the fact that her car is TOTALLY decorated to reflect her other job as a clown. So, I may as well walk around snapping pictures!!

If you could Mariah right now, you would She is totally exhausted and is screaming at the top of her lungs at everyone about everything. I have had to get up and down more times than I care to count. So, I will sign out for now to go and deal with the screaming meanie one.more.time.

Have a blessed Wednesday!!