Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is it a bad thing....

-that my children are sitting around the table eating snack quizzing each other on internet chat abbreviations?
-that before going outside today I covered my ghost white flesh with a product called 'Bronzed Betty'?(at least it smelled fabulous!!)
-that I taught my 10.5yr old how to weed whack and he keeps begging to go outside and do more?
-that I had visions of squishing my husbands head last night when he nonchalantly replied with "Oh yeah, must've forgot to tell you about that..hehe"(this was regarding a letter we received from the car finance place saying that our van pymnt was in default...which it isn't...we made different payment arrangements for last month because of Bill's new job and apparently 'THEY' cannot stop the computer generated letter that states our account is in default)
-that all I really want for dinner is an Espresso Brownie and a Venti Vanilla Latte with an extra shot (or two) of espresso?

I didn't think so.

Have a blessed Tuesday! Penny