Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Canada!!!

We didn't do anything special this year, not too sure why either!!LOL Usually we go to the lake or something, but for some reason or another it just never happened today. Bill was going to take the older kids to see the fireworks, but then the thought of being downtown and trying to find a place to watch just seemed more effort than it was worth. Besides, in the next couple of weeks there's going to be fireworks every night, so we'll make a point of going to see them at some point. We did have a busy weekend though, lot's of cleaning and organizing. I took a shelf out of the front hall closet and put it in the living room. We really needed another shelf in here to hold books and stuff. Then we put up some of the posters we had got from Freecycle. We put some up in every ones room, the computer area in the living room, and a few other places here and there, as well as all over the basement. Here's some pics!!

~computer area~

Our computer area new posters

~my filing cabinet~ that is turned around to prevent little ones from getting into it!!

new posters

~one of the basement walls~

basement new posters

~Alyssa's little nook~

Alyssa little nook and her new posters

~Robbie's wall~

Robbie's wall and his new posters

There are more pics in the Flickr!!

Oh!! Some great news to share!! Bill's Mama should be getting out of the long term care facility on Thursday!!! Praise the Lord!! She is doing much better, although still has a way to go with things, but I know she can do it! If anyone is capable of accomplishing something, it's most definitely her!! She has not been home since the middle of January when she was rushed into emergency. She was in very dire condition at that point in time, but as per usual, she blew everyone away with her will to live and fight!! Even the doctor said he had never had someone be coherent having potassium levels as high as she did, most people are unconscious at the level she was at. I'm so proud of her!! Both my Mama's are doing so good with their struggles!! I'm so blessed to have them in my life!!

Hope everyone has a blessed Holiday day tomorrow!!