Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Psalm 117:2

For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD.

I awoke this morning with a heavy heart and it has nothing to do with my family. It has to do with an email group that I had joined a few weeks ago. A group that has many different faiths, but is based on the attachment parenting values. A topic came up that I am VERY passionate about, Pro-Life. I am very firm on my beliefs and I prayed about replying. I tried to choose my words carefully so as not to come across as 'blaming', yet, still getting the word of God out as well. As you can imagine, in a group that may have the same parenting ideals, my biblical viewpoint was not taken so well. Long story short, I was very sad at the outcome. I know that with each issue there are two sides and one most of the time you'll disagree with, but this is such a deep issue. A lot of very hurtful comments were expressed in regards to religion and it broke me. I have very, very good friendships in real life with wonderful women who are not Christian and we can talk openly and honestly with one another and they have NEVER made me feel terrible or wrong. I can maintain a relationship with my mother and my sister, who are VERY much not Christian, and we do so in a loving way. Sure they crack a joke here and there, but I know that is not their true feelings and I know they appreciate the fact of knowing that I pray for them daily.

But to hear such distorted information about Christianity(and basically any God fearing religion) was too much, it made me feel sick to my stomach and I broke down. I'm still so shaken and the lump in my throat keeps resurfacing.

Now having shared all that, here is where the Lord is faithful, which is why I posted that as my title.
Through all of that, the Lord brought a friend to me. Interestingly enough, we were both emailing each other at about the same time this morning. She is likeminded and was hurt the same. I believe the Lord brought me the group to meet her!! I love how the Lord provides, He saw me hurting and said "Here, look at the diamond in the rough" It was worth the bit of hurt and pain to have come out with a friend!! And who knows, maybe my words reached someone, even if they didn't reply

I will never step down from my fight until all women feel there are much better alternatives, and can access them freely. If you're on the fence about Pro-Life or Pro-Choice or are pro-choice, I urge you to click on my pro-life graphic on the right up by my Flickr, she has posted MANY links that are very informative and blunt. I think it's well over due time that we get blunt about this.

Well, it has taken me almost 3 hours to write this!!!LOL, Dropping a sentence here and there, in between chasing Mariah around and cleaning up after her!! Alex didn't put away the box of salt after he used it to rinse his mouth, and lo and behold Mariah took it and dumped about 5 cups worth on the carpet under the table.

Today was Bill's first day at his new job, he just called me awhile ago on his lunch break and said it's going pretty good so far. I guess as good as it can be when it's your first day!!LOL

Have a blessed Tuesday!!


Char said...

You go, girl. I happen to agree with you on this issue, but even if I didn't I admire those who stick up for what they believe in.

I'm not sure why others feel the need to bash people for their beliefs. It drives me nuts that most people don't know how to have a civilized adult discussion things without flames. Way to teach the kids, eh?

Sandra said...

That's one reason why I quit visiting our Babycenter May 04 group, on a regular basis a couple years ago, not this issue specifically, but similar circumstances. I tried lurking again here and there, but it just has never felt the same as it once was. I know it's easier said than done, but don't let those folks get you down. Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes! I love what you've done on your site, looks great! I also visited the food blog. I always find such great and inspiring tips from you! Keep on keepin on, girly!
Many many blessings!

Cakes said...

I'm sorry this happened to you, but I'm so glad that there was a silver lining.