Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Better Day!

The great thing about days...they DO end and there's another one!
Thankyou for your kind words everyone, I'm sorry that some of you have had to go through a suicide from a family member or a friend. It hurts.

I'm so thankful for my hunny Kerri!! We had a good time last night, even if it's just wandering around!! I'm glad to have been away from the house for a few hours!!LOL And my coffee was awesome!

Today has been a bit more productive, been busy cleaning (why yes, that IS all I do!!) good thing I actually enjoy cleaning!! Managed to give the bathrooms a scrub down and spraying! Garbage's are done, AM dishes are done. Laundry is on the go. I've totally fallen off my laundry routine wagon...I try and get caught up and get back onto my schedule, and then it all falls apart again. I guess that means it's time to revamp it again!

Grocery shopping tomorrow night, lake day on Friday! Our last lake day on a Friday this summer!! can you believe that?!? This summer flew by!
But then comes my favourite season! September 1st-January 1st, my favourite months!!
It's almost time to get some fall decorations happening around here and I also want to add some new sites to visit!

September also means time to get fall cleaning done around here too. Carpets done, furnace and vents done. Blinds and curtains washed...the list goes on! First on the list is the homeschool cupboard. I really need to find a small cupboard somewhere. I'm thinking like a pantry type thing....hmmmm. I also need to get some bins.......
I'm thinking I may dedicate a blog strictly for my organizing. A place where I can keep lists of what the kids have for clothing and what I need to get...not my daily lists of stuff I don't think, but my more permanent lists. I keep making them and then 'somebody' takes them and uses them for artwork!

Well, my buzzer just went off on the dryer...time to switch!!!
Have a blessed Wednesday!!!