Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In Loving Memory........

When I close my eyes really tight, I can hear you laugh.
When I peer through the darkness, I can see your smile.
When I breathe in deeply, I can still smell your cologne.

I hate this walk without you, I miss you so much.
I never knew the demons were too much for you to bear all alone.
I can't go back and make it better, I can only try and make sure it doesn't happen again.
I can only hope that where you are now, your soul can rest easy and you are at peace.

So many things I wish I could've said, so many times I've traced over.
What if? What if? What if?
Unfortunately, it's the reality of the ones left behind. Left to pick up the pieces, try to carry on. They say it'll get easier as time goes on, but I'm not so sure.
The tears still come as they did that day. The heart still aches the same way.
I forgive you for not knowing a better way to ask for help.

As days go by, we remember you through a song that plays on the radio. A movie or even a smell. I see your smile in your grandson and your mischievousness in your grand daughter. Most of all, I find a lot of you in me. as much as most children would hate to find themselves with that trait....I savour it and smile to myself.

May you rest in peace Daddy and I miss you sooooo much and love you more!!
Terry Lynn, August 31st 1949-August 21st 1995

*Suicide is the permanent solution to a temporary situation. Please if you or someone you know is feeling suicidal or at a loss PLEASE get help. No problem is EVER to big and worth you ending your life over. There IS always tomorrow and there IS always a better solution. The pain that it leaves for your family and friends is sooooo much worse than dealing with the problem.


MonkeysMama said...

I am so sorry for our loss. Sadly, I understand what this means.