Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Did you miss me? Crazy days I tell ya! I'm also trying to keep myself busy and hope that this month will go by quickly....halfway there!! My baby is 9 mos old today!! Can you believe it??? Nah, me neither! I have full intentions of taking some pics of him later, must do!!

Nothing has really gone according to plan either the last week. The junk lady still has not come, nor returned any of my calls. the people who were going to bring me the furniture from Freecycle still have not. My groceries were terrible. The yoghurt's had expiry dates from July 20th, the orange juice and toothpaste had both expired. I had to wait until yesterday for them to deliver more appropriate stuff. My hair is pretty good (I'll post pics soon, promise!!) I'm still trying desperately to figure out how to style it. i mean, if I had like 2hrs in the morning to dedicate to blow drying and flat ironing I'd be fine. However, I am lucky if I can go potty without being bombarded in the morning. With the length it is, my curls have taken over!!LOL I have had to learn how to work with them. my hair was always so heavy, it pulled a lot of the curl right out!

Friday is a scheduled lake day and then Bill is taking me out for dinner on Friday night for our anniversary. Hopefully I've figured out something with my hair by then!!! I love getting all dressed up all girly, so I am looking forward to going on a date with my sweetie. This will be the first time we've been out since last September, without a baby and on an actual date. (not just my dentist appointments!!) I really hope Matthew will be alright. I have over 16ozs of milk frozen and ready, he drinks from his sippy cup really good, so I am hoping!!!

Oh and you'll notice on the side up near the top here there is a mp3 player loaded with a few songs I LURVE!!! You'll also notice that I have a very diverse taste in music and yes some of it is secular. I'm sure a few songs will date me pretty good, others may surprise!! You can skip through songs or listen right through and of course stop it!! I was good and withheld putting any New Kids on the Block on there!!!LOL They were the one and only TRUE boy band out there!!!ROFL!!

well, I really need to get off my butt and get busy with the rest of the stuff around here!! Have a blessed Wednesday!!!