Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The show will go on!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard back from the Used Toy and Clothing sale coordinator and God bless her heart, she will hold a table for me!!! I could have reached through the computer screen and kissed her!!!

This week is all planned out as usual! Today I am finishing up a few things in Matthew's closet, and figuring out a new storage idea for his cloth diapers.
Tomorrow will be the attack on the girls clothing! Time for a summer/fall switch! I'm a little earlier this year (I think anyways?!?!) then I will inventory who and what they need. That will most likely take the day....why yes, of course I will take pics!! Thursday is our Last Lake day of the summer. Kerri and her kiddo's are joining us!! Who by the way, have joined the ranks of being a homeschooling family!!!WOOT!!!
Friday is a general cleanup sort of day, probably do a bit in Robbie's closet. My mom is coming to look after the older kiddies while I go grocery shopping with my not-so-patient husband. My mom has to work the rest of the weekend and felt that going grocery shopping would be too tiring. Saturday will be a continuation of cleanup and laundry. Auntie Kandie is coming over for a visit and a sleepover on Saturday night. Then it is Sunday again, it's a long weekend, so Bill will be home on Monday and I plan on relaxing! okay, maybe doing some organizing because I cannot control myself!!LOL

I am creating a Homeschool blog, which you can access via the link on the top right hand side..labled..umm..homeschool blog. It's not much now, but I did add a bunch of links!! Oh, and there are menu's up in the foodblog as well. I am aiming to have the list put up either tonight or tomorrow night as well.

Well, time to get back to work...but first I will be making a big mug of tea....no it is not coffee. I have one Maxwell thingy left and no filters for my other ground coffee. Must conserve the liquid gold!

Have a blessed Tuesday!