Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some Good Advice

Oh my, I love these gals!! Do you need some fall fashion advice? Grab a cup of coffee and log onto Boomama and Bigmama these Southern Mama's cover it all!! Of course, for this Northern Chickie, I got the biggest kick out of the accents!! Although, it raises the case, do I have an accent?

Up on the plate today, is the girls clothes......I may need another cup of tea (maybe if I steep it for an hour I will squeeze some caffeine out of it)
I will also be doing more baby proofing. You would think that after 5 kids, when the 6th came around my house would be baby proofed and it is to the most part. Just mind the Lego's and Bratz shoes (err feet?!!?) the Bionicle parts. However, he has learned like the others, now that he can crawl, he can fend for himself in the food department. Breakfast can be found under the dining room table and on the kitchen floor. Good stuff!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!