Friday, September 7, 2007

The time has arrived for my yearly stock-up on.....

Triaminic, Vicks Vapo Rub, Tylenol (caplets,dissolving tabs and liquid), Otrivin (for me), and of course a vast array of vitamins.

Yup, it's that time of year. Personally, I would rather walk around spraying everyone in Lysol and donning a surgeons mask and sterile gloves. Unfortunately, that is not really possible. So, I walk around spraying my house in Lysol, washing with bleach and keeping the medicine cupboard filled with the essentials.

The downside, this year the germs got to us before I had a chance to stock up! It started last night, Mariah, Kayla and Matthew are first on the list. (I have a headache and a scratchy throat, but I am ignoring it right it denial)
So Bill will have to do a quickie stop after work. Just so as I don't receive any hate mail about filling my children with unnecessary medication, rest assured, I use it for two reasons 1. so they can sleep and I can sleep. I figure I don't like to lie there in pain, why should my kids? Nuff said!

Onto other things! Nothing on the go for us this weekend...errr should I say me!!LOL I will most likely be snuggling children and drinking vodka Nyquil and trying to keep everyone happy or at least happy as one can be while coughing up vital organs. Where was I going with that?!?! oh yeah! Bill has plans this weekend, nothing fun mind you, but he'll be busy!!LOL

I'm going to attempt to write up a brief little somethin', somethin' in the homeschool blog all about making mornings easier!! Not just for homeschooling either!! Of course this will happen in between nosewiping, water giving, "You're going to be ok, it's just a cold" line giving!!

One final note, a funny! I was taking Mariah's temperature this morning (at the insane hour of 4:40am, which once upon a time was bedtime in a previous life!!LOL) and it beeped indicating she had a fever (my thermometer takes the temperature on the forehead, some sort of infared technology. I'm just happy I don't have to launch no mercury filled tube up my kids butt!) I said "Yup, sweetie you've got a fever." while saying this I motheringly pressed the palm of my hand on her forehead and she then placed her hand on top of mine. She looks at me with sheer worry in her eyes "I go look in da mirror?", thinking she had some sort of something branded on her forehead!!!LOL
well, time to hit replay on the Dora DVD!!
Have a blessed Friday! Penny


mommyof2galz said...

I hope everyone feels better soon!