Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

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Rocks in My Dryer

This week we are sharing our Brandname Items that we feel are worth spending the extra pennies on! Here's my list!!

*Kraft Peanut Butter* We go through a lot of peanut butter (2kgs every 2 weeks to be exact) and while it typically costs me a good $2-$4 more than the generic, it's worth it. too many times I've 'cheaped' out and bought the generic only to have my family moan and complain because it's all separated and tastes like wood. I figured the amount that would get wasted was costing just as much as my spending it on the real deal!!

*Smuckers Seedless Jam* well, you got to have jam with the peanut butter!! Other brands have either been too sweet or just chunks of gunk. We do not like chunks of fruit in our jam and so far, Smuckers is the only brand I have found here that sells a seedless kind. The kicker? For a 500ml jar it costs $2.37. Now that may not seem to bad, however I go through about two jars a week!!!oi!!!

*Kraft Macaroni and Cheese* Nothing can beat the fluorescent noodles and cheese that comes in that Blue box!! I buy a case of 12 for around $10.00 every two weeks. The generic brand would cost me $5.00. I've tried to sneak it by the tastebuds of my family, but alas, they always figure me out!!

*Heinz Ketchup* Another one I can't get past my scrupulous family's tastebuds is generic ketchup (or catsup for some of you!!) and really, I have to agree! The other taste like vinegar!!Blech!!

*Charmin or Purex Toilet Paper* Nuff said!! Anything else, you may as well use the tissue paper from the craft box! One little exception here, I do buy el cheapo for our main bathroom for two reasons: 1. the kids don't notice and 2.that toilet cannot handle anything other than tissue paper thin toilet paper with the amount it gets flushed per day!

*Gain Laundry Soap* I do love Tide, however my family is allergic to it. Once upon a time I thought that it may have all been in my husbands 'head' and washed all his clothes in it. Uh-huh, yeah, he really is allergic to it and broke out in a rash!! Whoops!!Gain works good and smells divine...only the original though. I've never been one for the Tango anyways!!
I have an uncontrollable obsession with laundry products and I have a collection of my favourites that I use at any given time, so I'll just list them here in this category!!LOL
*Fleecy Extra Fresh Fabric Softener
*Downey Lavander Scent fabric softener
*Good ol fashioned Javex lemon fresh fabric guard bleach
*Dual action stain remover by, Spray 'n' Wash
*Fleecy fabric softener Vanilla scent sheets
*Purex Baby Soft laundry soap (for Matthew's stuff and his diapers)
*Gain original scent fabric softener
I warned you!! I switch it around to whatever smells good at the time!

*Smart Bread* the 'white' whole wheat bread! This kills me to buy at almost $3.99 per loaf. But when I can, it's worth it. Everyone here (except for Alyssa and Alex) LOVES white bread. If I can't buy it, I will but whole wheat Wonder Bread.

So, there ya have it! I'm sure there are a few more. When I shop at Real Canadian Superstore I can usually buy brand name products at pretty close to generic prices. If not, their store brand is pretty good quality, with the exception of the above mentioned of course!!

God Bless, Penny