Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!

First, I just wanted to add a little memorial tribute to baby Hunter who passed away on this day 2 years ago, bless his little soul. For pictures of his precious few days here on earth please visit 25 week angel For those of you who are new to my blog, baby Hunter is my nephew. He was born on December 19th 2005 at just 25weeks gestation. The fight to live was so very strong and he tried so very hard to stay with us here on earth. After just three short days on December 22nd 2005, the Lord wrapped baby Hunter in His big strong arms and carried him home to be with the angels. Baby Hunter left such a huge legacy with us, that will live on forever in our hearts until we are all reunited in heaven. May you rest is peace sweetie, not a day goes by that you are not thought of. You have shown me to not let one day go by without be thankful for your cousins and to squeeze them any chance I get. I love you and I will see you in my dreams.

I'm done my shopping, done getting the food, done baking..done...done...done!!!
All in one week I might add! Although I would much rather do it over the course of a month or two if given the choice, but it just wasn't possible this year with all the illnesses we've had. However, all that is left is wrapping!!
Tomorrow will be a deep clean in the basement and the girls room as well as Robbie's. The basement is in dire need! While down there in the depths of disaster, lies a mountain, rightly named Mt.Laundry. I will attempt with great fierceness and power to tackle it's domain. The fate of my family and their lack of clothing depends on it! Though try as it might to knock me down with it's array of stinky socks and oatmeal covered garb, I will not submit to it's vigor!
NO! I shall conquer and be victorious! My family will not become nudists!!

Today we had a wonderful visit with Auntie Shellie and Uncle Rob and 'K' and 'A' to exchange gifts and just relax and visit. It was so nice to see them, since it's been forever!!LOL I cannot believe how quickly those girls grow!! Funny though, my kids were totally spun out prior to them coming by. While they were here, it was like a lightswitch with the kids! They were quiet and all shy like!!LOL I mean they were running around and yelling and arguing with each other, Mariah had perma-whine happening and then POOF! Auntie Shellie and Uncle Rob walk in and they all sat on the couch or chair silenced! I was about ready to kidnap them and hold them hostage in our house!LOL

Well, I'm off to accomplish a few things around here, you know important stuff, like make myself a huge mug of luxurious hot chocolate..........but first, I will post the holiday menus over in my food blog! Since judging by a few recent emails, this is important stuff to some of you!!(wink!wink!)

God bless!!


Heart of Wisdom said...

Love your Blog, Thanks for sharing your memorial about your sweet baby nephew.
Blessings to you in this coming year.

I’m looking forward to browsing your blog.

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God Bless,
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