Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Silent Night, Holy Night

Miss Mariah

Well we're finally over the stomach flu...however over the weekend we discovered that poor Matthew has a double ear infection. So, back on antibiotics he went. The doctor that saw him mentioned that we should talk to our family doctor about the possibility of tubes in his ears.
Thankfully, he seems to be doing better now. I am so very thankful for Zithromax...especially with Matthew whom I typically contemplate launching Tylenol up his butt because of hoe difficult it is to get medicine in him.
So hopefully that is it for illnesses around here...at least until AFTER Christmas anyways.

It's Alyssa's 9th birthday today!1 I cannot believe my 'baby' girl is NINE! Yikes! We celebrated her birthday on the weekend, she chose a huge oreo cookie cake!
Happy birthday sweetie!

We have been super busy baking around here the last couple of days...we've made over 30 dozen cookies! Tomorrow will be some more baking and I'm running out to grab a few things in the evening. It looks like Kerri and I will be able to sneak out for a bit on Friday to squeeze in a few more last minute Christmas things and of course a nice big Latte!!LOL
Then the wrapping frenzy will start!! We decided that the kids will exchange their gifts with one another on Sunday. This way they can enjoy watching each other open them. We get the kids to draw names from a hat. Neat thing is this year, each brother chose a sister and each sister chose a brother! We've never had that happen before, they were super excited about that!

I'm so happy that Bill has almost all of next week off!! It will be sooooo nice to have him home all those days...nice cozy, snuggling, jammie wearing, hot chocolate drinking, sledding, light watching days!!

I am just putting the finishing touches on my Christmas menus and then I will post them on the food blog. We have mostly our traditional foods, but I am trying a few different recipes this year.(shhhhhh, don't tell Bill, he hates change!!)

So far the weather calls for flurries on Christmas Eve, I am really praying their right. For years now, I've wanted snow for Christmas. Big, fluffy snowflakes falling while we go for our traditional Christmas Eve walk....maybe, just maybe this year!!

God bless, Penny


Robyn Jones said...

that is a beautiful picture of your daughter!!

Merry Christmas...