Friday, February 8, 2008

Let it snow.......

I knew it last night...the kids were literally running around in circles screaming...WHILE they're sick and grumpy. This usually means one thing, we're in for a significant weather change! Sure enough, here's what we have today:

snow day feb.8th

The temps are supposed to continue to fall as the day goes on...brrrrrrr!! Yesterday we got slightly above 0C. Ahhh, I love it here!

We have another cold floating through the house again. matthew is sick and I am really praying it doesn't turn into another ear infection...I do not want to go down that road again!

Tomorrow the kids and I are having a surprise birthday party for Daddy! I still have to bake the cake. We are also having lasagna and garlic bread...Daddy's favourite meal!

I also...FINALLY...uploaded some pics into the flickr!! I wish I had a pro account though...I hate deleting pics and all the limitations. Oh well, what do ya do!?

I will be buying a newer sewing maching from my Mom here in a few weeks, i am sooo uber excited! I have a Kenmore one right now, but it spends most of it's time in PMS mode, she does not like thick material or fuzzy stuff (like fleece or wool) and get's all jammed up. I've cleaned her and she's had tune-up, but I think she would just rather sew thinner material like flannel and cotton (which she zips through beautifully!). The one I am getting is a denim machine, so hopefully she'll stand up to my abuse! How I would love to get a day! Alyssa and I have been trying our hands at knitting. Grrrrr, I think I am just a sewer and not a knitter! Which REALLY sucks because I LOVEEEEEE knitted things! Especially socks in funky colors. One time a few years ago Shellie gave me some and they have JUST begun to wear out. One pair is gone, but the other pair are still clinging to life. They have small holes in the soles, but I can't pair to part with them yet...I just wear a thinner pair of cotton ones underneath!!LOL And to knit longies and sweaters....oh how I dream and long to knit a cardigan in gorgeous browns and pinks.....but no matter how many you tube instructional videos I watch, I cannot get past casting on!
I can cast on just fine, but after I make the 'X' with my needles...I'm done for! I can crochet a beautiful chain...but that is it in that department. Hopefully Alyssa will learn soon!!!

Thankgoodess I can sew though, and I have plans when I get my hands on my new machine!!

Have a blessed Friday!


laurensmom0303 said...

I'll show you how to knit and crochet, if you show me how to work a sewing machine!! I envy people that can sew.

marie79 said...

WOW!!! and i complain of the cold here(TN) yeah right!!

Let it snow here too just once....i love snow. =0)

noelle said...

Knitting has been much harder for me than crochet, but I have NEVER used the sewing machine my MIL gave me 3 years ago for Christmas. Hubby has used it, but not me!

I don't envy you the snow and cold. It's been chilly here too...and windy. brrr!

~*~Hallie~*~ said...

That picture is just beautiful! I'm in eastern North Carolina and we're lucky if its snows 2 inches once a year! How I wish we could go sledding and build snowmen! Glad to see a new post. Hope the knitting works out, I've always wanted to learn myself.:)