Sunday, February 10, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Click here to create your own painting.

Discovered this from Adventures in Babywearing It's pretty cool I think!

Not much on the go today, relaxing is top priority today! Daddy loved his special birthday party yesterday. I will post pics in the Flickr tomorrow sometime. Matthew slept through the night last night....almost 9 hours!! As nice as it is that he slept through the night, I woke up very ummmm...full! Thankfully though because of his 'internal breastmilk quota' he's been making up all morning!!LOL That was only the second time ever he's gone longer than 6hrs! Personally, I almost prefer the nursing every 3hrs...don't think I'm ready for him to sleep right through the night on a regular basis just yet!!

Whats on the agenda this week.........not too much!!LOL My Mom is going to try and get out here for a visit. She's been busily cleaning and has a TON of stuff for me. Books, books and more books!! My sewing machine!! WOOT and some other knick knacks. She is going to try and teach Alyssa the steps after you've casted on, so hopefully Alyssa will be able to enjoy knitting. Alex and Robbie gave a hand at knitting too, however without proper instruction after they had casted on, the needles soon became light sabers!!

Oh, and grocery shopping this week...have to get menus and lists in order.

Well, Matthew is looking for a snack and NAKing doesn't work so well anymore...LOL...he figures he should be able to type too!!

Have a blessed Sunday!


noelle said...

Have a great visit with your mom!!!

So glad that there has been so much healing and restoration there!

And glad Bill had a good birthday. That's always nice for mama too.

brenda said...

Your blog is wonderful. I love the painting I created my own. thanks for the link. God Bless.