Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Must See and a Must Play

First, a must see:

Sir Ken Robinson on TED talks

Whoa, hey?!?!?! Absolutely amazing!!

A Must PLay:
Cranium Hullabaloo

We played this game on Saturday night (and Sunday night, and yesterday.....lol) it is a wonderful game. I love how it incorporates everyone of any age into it. I love how there is a winner every few minutes as well!!

Earth hour was a lot of fun! We were actually so engrossed in our games, we didn't even realize it was past 9pm!lol
I have been busy getting things together for the Used Toy and Clothing sale, trying to figure what does and doesn't fit everyone....hmmmmm...my basement resembles a second hand store right now!!LOL

Oh!! We get to go to BC!!! WHOOHOO!!! We get to go for 2 whole glorious weeks...ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! We are already counting down the sleeps!!LOL A friend of ours who has the same van as us, is going to let us switch out our middle seats with his back row seats giving us that extra seat!! Isn't that awesome?!?! Praise the Lord!! I can hardly wait for Matthew to meet his Nana and really his Papa too. (Papa and Matthew did meet when Matthew was 9mos old)

Well, gotta run...here's some pics...there are more in the Flickr. Unfortunately a certain someone has been 'stealing' my pics and has unfortunately really ruined it for everyone....No pics of my children will be posted anywhere, except where there are ways to disable 'lifting'(or at least make it more difficult). Of course if said person continues to completely dis-respect me and 'steal' MY pics from there, no pics whatsoever will be posted ANYWHERE. Which is sad because some near and dear family members thoroughly enjoy seeing the pics as they can't see the kids in person.
I will be posting a letter with more info ASAP.

**ETA** I know who this person is and I have discussed it with them previously which really frustrates me as it is blatant disrespectful behaviour.

Easter eggs

Mariah's egg

Alyssa's 'Cool Blue' egg

Mariah's Pizza
*Mariah made this ALL BY HERSELF!!!!*

God bless!! Penny


~*~Hallie~*~ said...

I love the dyed hands with the Easter eggs! No matter how many times you tell kids to use a spoon to lift the eggs out, those fingers always seem to get stained! So funny.:)