Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Prayers Have Been Answered!!!

The Lord has answered, and His answer was most wonderful!!

We have been accepted as a partner family with Habitat for Humanity!! We will be home owners!! Whoohoo!!! You can follow along with this journey by checking out our Habitat blog at Home Sweet Habitat Home It will be a big move for us when the time comes as the community is on the other side of the city, but to have our very own house will be worth every bit of it!

We will be building a five bedroom, detached home. I'll know more after we go into to sign THE papers on Friday! Needless to say, we are completely overjoyed!

The Lord has been answering a lot of our prayers lately, it is such a blessing to see such wonderful things happening all around us. It always amazes me as to just how perfect the Lord's timing is, I'm so glad I never lose faith in Him. Even when things have been at their worst for us and there is no sight of that light at the's so easy to give up on Him and feel sorry for yourself, but I held strong and kept saying I trust you Lord, I trust your perfect timing and your plans for us. Believe me, it is hard sometimes, but keep the faith!!
It has been absolutely heartwarming to hear our friends and family all step forward with offerings of their time and energy to make this happen for us, actually when ever I start to talk about it I get all teary eyed because it is just so incredibly amazing to know that everyone supports us and loves us so much and they all want this so badly for us! Our hearts are so full, I am just speechless! This is going to be such a wonderful journey. The most amazing thing, our sponsors are a church, a Christian Church!!! I know, amazing huh?!?!? The power of the Lord!!

Praise the Lord!!
God bless, Penny


noelle said...

Congratulations girl! That is such great news for you and your family!!!