Thursday, June 5, 2008

Time for a Change!

Tonight I go and get my hair chopped!! I'm excited!! I will post before/after pics.
My mom is going to meet up with me and then we're going to go for coffee....yummmmmm!
I am so happy that morning sickness is nearing it's end. I only have spurts every few days now. I'm also feeling some energy come back which is a huge plus!lol
My appetite is crazy, I am constantly hungry. My mom says it's because I'm having twins (can you imagine!!lol) I think it's because I'm still nursing Matthew. Whatever the case, it's crazy! I have been craving burgers and decided that eating one or two burgers is not the healthiest choice, so I switched over to veggie burgers! Yummmm, they're really good and satisfy my craving. I won't have a drs appt until sometime in July, at which point I'll be well into my second trimester. I don't think my drs will be all that pleased with me this time around since I am doing things differently and against 'their' opinions. I am refusing tests. I am refusing induction. I am refusing the eye drops and bath for baby after birth. I will however allow an ultrasound and that is mostly for Bill's sake, I think it gives him the reassurance. I am also not going to go and see the dr on 'their' timetable. I don't need to hear "blah, blah" about my weight, I can measure my own fundal height, I know my blood pressure is fine and I could even measure that on my own. I wish I did however, have a doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat. I might be able to borrow my mom's stethoscope though........

So with me not having an induction, there is a very good chance I may deliver at home! Which is fine by me. I think Bill would have a cow...I think the kids would be a better support system!!ROFL!! Of course the dr is not going to agree with me and will try to talk me into an induction because it is 'safer' to deliver in a controlled environment. Once upon a time I actually believed that, but no more. After the last two births and how close I came to a c-section, I am not going down that path again. One intervention leads to another and leads to another. I now know and believe that it's actually safer for me to deliver at home, rather than hooked up to pitocin and monitors and all the interference. I feel so much more at peace with these decisions and with much prayer, feel that this is where the Lord wants me as well. I trust Him and my body!!!

So, we have names picked out...although I haven't run them past Bill yet!!lol I think he'll be okay with them. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a girl. At first I was certain BOY, but as time has gone on, I've decided that this is much more like my girl pregnancies. My skin is awful with acne. It's all over my face, my back, and my chest. I'm tempted to get that Proactiv stuff!! But I doubt I will, since I never use anything on my face anyways!lol I suppose I will just have to be patient and drink plenty of water. At least my nails look nice!!!lol Another girl pregnancy symptom!
The girls are thrilled and the boys keep hoping I'm At least one of us will be right! I can already feel tiny flickers, which is very comforting. They aren't very often and I have to be laying perfectly still in bed. It feels as though a little moth is flipping about. Of course it's easy for me since my uterus is about 1.5 finger widths below my belly button!!lol
Well, I'll wrap this up with a belly pic!! This one was at 10weeks and as of today I am 11w5d!!
10 week belly pic with #7

Have a blessed Thursday!!