Thursday, July 24, 2008

Got Milk?

Cause I don't! Grrrrrr, okay so I was NOT prepared for this. My milk has pretty much dried up and in it's place has left colostrum, which apparently Matthew does not appreciate, at all. I've heard/read that it will be all good again once the baby is born...but alas, that is not for another 20 weeks at least! I guess I just sit back and see if he will continue with comfort nursing or if this is the point where he weans. I keep telling him that soon there will be yummy, rich milk, but he just stares at me and rightly so, since he is just 20mths!lol I'm not sure if I'm ready for him to wean, I hadn't really thought about since he was such a boob man. The last week or so, he's been dwindling down his sessions. We are hovering at a 'just before bed nursing' and that's it, so we'll see where this goes!

This weekend is a busy one...Saturday Bill is going to work for some Habitat hours for us and then on Sunday, we're doing a whole day as a family to earn hours. Sunday is going to be a looooong day, but so worth it. The kids are absolutely beside themselves with excitement to be able to help earn hours, so that is good to see! I'm still holding onto the dream and praying every night that there is some small miracle of a chance that we could be in our new house for December 1st....that would be so very awesome!

Tonight my mom is taking Robbie out for a bit, he has birthday $$$ burning a hole in his pocket! I cannot believe he is 8yrs old! Then after they get back, she is taking me out for a coffee!! Yeah!!! I'm looking forward to that.

Baby Henri update: Henri rocks!! He is at home with his Mama and Daddy now!!!! They went home on Tuesday!! Whoohoo, now the fun begins!! I haven't talked to my sister since they've been home, but we all know how those first few days at home are.......long and sleepless!!

Ummm, not much else to report. Just plugging along during these summer days. I have to admit though, I won't miss it when it's gone!! I'm such a fall kinda girl!

oh!! Thanks guys for playing along with my name poll!!! I was so excited to see that Blogger has polls to forewarned though, I have a thing with polls, so expect to see lot's!!! I think it's funny because the names that are 'winning' are the names my heart was leaning towards, as is Bill. I just think it's so funny that I have NO CLUE what this baby (or babies!!!lol) are!!! I am completely thrown off!
I have a drs appt next Thursday just to get a referral, but I am going to ask if he/she will write me up an ultrasound requisition so I can get on that ASAP, because who knows how long it will take me to get into see a maternity doctor.....not that I am overly concerned about it! I felt this little peanut kick on the outside for the first time on Saturday(July 19th) and have felt pokes and bumps everyday since then!! I LOVE this stage!!

well time to get going on laundry, I've actually been back on schedule with it...took awhile after having been on holidays, but I'm finally there!
But first, I am going to add a quick update in the Habitat blog!!
Have a blessed Thursday!!!


Sandra said...

Ms Mama! Checking in on ya. I hope and pray that everyone is doing well. I can't wait to check out the habitat blog and see how that is going. So,is there a slim possibility that yall could be in the new house by Dec. 1st? I was just tickled to see that you did post the comparison pics of this pregnancy and the pregnancy with Matthew. You are definitely a little bigger at 16 weeks with this one than with Matthew...but not quite as big as the 20 weeks with Matthew...but close. I'm not sure if it would be "enough bigger" (oh lord that looks and sounds too much like toddler be twins...but ya just never know. I can't wait til you post the 20 week belly pic. Be sure and keep the 20 week pic(Matthew) up so we can compare again. Twins could definitely be the reason that you're "thrown off" as to the sex of the baby. It could very well be one of know you can't wait for that ultrasound. I have you and the family in my thoughts and prayers.
Blessings and Hugs!!