Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Friday!

This week just zipped by, actually this month zipped by! I can't believe it's August already! Whoohoo, you know what that's almost my favourite time of year!! One more month of summer! HURRAY!!!

So I went to my doctors appt yesterday, I swear those people make me want to rip my hair out!! GAH! Anyways, it wasn't my regular family doctor which was a good thing because then my appt would've really irked me! This doctor though was in a total state of panic because of how far along I am and not having had any tests done!! I just sat there calmly while she freaked out about my not having blood work and all the things that could be wrong RIGHT NOW and we wouldn't have a clue! I just kept saying "I know everything is alright" Gah! So anyways, I left there with all these requisitions and an appt for next Friday for my 'initial prenatal'. At least I get to go for an ultrasound, which she was totally panicked about "Oh dear you need to book that ASAP" lol, that is booked for the 14th. I don;t get to go to my group of docs that delivered Matthew, I've been referred to some group of docs that take on us stragglers and those who don't have a family doc....should be interesting.

I also got to hear the heartbeat!! Only one perfectly sounding little beat!! I guess I'm just fatter this go around!!LOL Although my weight is basically right on track for me at this weight usually follows along with my current week of pregnancy, give or take a pound or two.......I was 19w5d yesterday and weighed 121.8lbs, perfect! Except I grew an inch, I don't know how that Since 8th grade I've been 5 feet on the nose, yesterday I measured 5ft 1in, I asked if she was sure and she measured again...yup, it was correct! Hmph! Maybe there was a bulge in the floor?!?!? Weird! My blood pressure was perfect 98/65, I don't think I've ever been past 110 before!!lol

Not much else on the go, other than being busy!!lol I am getting excited....soon it will be time for our school stuff to arrive!! That is going to be like Christmas!!!
I can't wait to watch all the kids dig into the books and arts stuff and the huge Knex set I ordered!!! It is going to be a blast!!

This weekend I plan on doing a laundry blitz and helping the kids organize their rooms a bit. They don't have much in the way of toys, but because the three girls are in one room, it get's very chaotic, very quickly!! I have also decided that each child will be allowed one large Rubbermaid container filled with their toys to bring when we move, it won't include books or stuffies, just those miscellaneous toys like Bionicles and barbies and race cars. The books and puzzles all fall under the 'community shelf' stuff and I would never limit that stuff. Stuffies are in a category all on their own, and I don't mind because they all truly love and adore their stuffies. Bill will be working on construction this weekend with a small group of guys from Habitat and even a guy from his work is coming to help! They most likely won't be working on our house, but hours are hours and Habitat is all about working together and with each other, doesn't matter who's house!!

In other news, Matthew is still nursing! I was certain that he would drift, but nope, he's happy to nurse now even if he's getting nothing!!lol Me on the other'll see what happens. I know once new baby is here, it will be all good, but at certain's not the most comfortable to be honest. Thankfully though, if I have had enough, I can tell Matthew that Mama needs a break and he complies, he's usually okay with a snuggle. I think he's been feeling the baby kick and is wondering what the heck is going on!!LOL Not too mention the space is getting cramped on my lap!lol Oh well, we'll see where it goes!

Well time to go finish putting groceries away.....before Matthew has them all hidden!
Have a blessed Friday!!!