Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Halfway There!!!

I'm 20wks3d today!! Whoohoo!!
Here's the belly pic!
20week belly pic

9 sleeps until Ultrasound day!! I'm really excited since if baby co-operates, I'll be able to find out if this peanut is a boy or a girl and have it be an actual suprise!!!lol Just for fun to help me pass the time by, I'm going to add a boy/girl poll for ya'll!! Here's some background info:
-Both the Chinese Gender Chart and the little quiz at Childbirth.org say GIRL.
-The ring test above my belly does circles, above my hand goes back and forth.
-My face and back have had terrible acne and that has always been the way with a girl in my belly.
-I had morning sickness, which I've only had with boys before.
-I craved chocolate, which I have never craved in ANY of pregnancies before!(well, before the 12th week anyways...*giggle*)
-My butt has definitely grown with this pregnancy and I am carrying the weight everywhere.
-Baby's heartbeat was 156.
So, help me guess to pass the next week and a bit!! What do you think???
Are we gonna have a Brianna or a Nathan?

I will also be posting another Habitat Hours update in the Habitat blog!!!
Have a blessed Tuesday!


Sandra said...

A whole week? I know it will pass ever so slowly for ya. My initial gut feeling/ guess is that you've got a baby girl Brianna.

Anonymous said...

Sophie says boy and Brenna says girl...I'm going to go with Soph and guess a little boy!!

Anonymous said...

PS What do YOUR kids think?