Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Passing the Time

I've been busy cleaning and re-organizing some of our important documents and paperwork..blech. I am one who keeps EVERY.LITTLE.THING. I have mine and Bill's income tax stuff from the first year we filed as a couple!!lol
It feels good to have things organized in boxes. I mean I don't suppose we REALLY need the receipt from the tape we bought on April 24th 1995!!HA! Slowly, but surely, bit by bit, I'm going to go through things and only pack essential things instead of moving boxes filled with crap. I can't possibly be the only person who has boxes of stuff you never unpack, but are too worried to toss?!!?!? I'm down to ONE BOX as of today....oh and I REALLY need to invest in a paper shredder as well.

So keep voting ya'll!!! We've got 8 sleeps to go!!!!
Here's my kiddo's votes!!!
ALEX: boy
ALYSSA: 2 girls
ROBBIE: girl
KAYLA: girl
MARIAH: girl
MATTHEW: booboo, macka gecko meehaw
I vote girl, although the morning sickness thing really threw me for a loop.
Either way, I'm happy. All I pray for is a healthy lil' bean!

Well, time to get dinner on the roll...nice and easy tonight...French Toast and Fresh Fruit!! Perfect summer dinner!!!