Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a Crazy, Busy Week!!!

All in a good way of course!

Well, 2 more sleeps until the big day!!! I keep reminding myself that there IS a possibility that the baby will not co-operate, despite my late night conversations with him/her. Just for fun though, I had my drs appt on Friday (well, THAT by itself was NOT fun...but I'll spare you the details and just say it was the initial prenatal. Those of you who've been down the pregnancy path know what I am talking about, those who have not....I'll spare you the details!!lol) ANYWAYS.......two things that are consistent with girl pregnancies for me...my weight and the baby's heartrate. Both of these were on the money for a girl pregnancy. They are: 1.my weight....my weight is consistently higher with my girls, I gained 1.3lbs in a week and am right in the weight gain bracket that I am typically in for girl pregnancies. The other, the heartrate....this is kind of spooky to me....with all my girls at the the checkup between 20wks and 23wks the heartrate was 133.....sure enough last Friday I was 20w6d and the heartrate was 133!!!lol I totally started laughing, I'm sure the doc thought I was a bit weird, but by that point I didn't care, she had drove me crazy by then. So, I obsess more!!lol It's kind of fun not knowing, I'm not sure I could do it the entire way through....but if this bean keeps his/her legs closed I guess I'll have to!!!lol Then ya'll can obsess with my for the next 18.5weeks!!!!

Next on this weeks agenda....I had to order the groceries this week and am having them delivered Friday morning because Friday night we're off to sell tickets for Habitat!! It will be really cool because the venue we'll be at will have a fireworks display at the end of the night!! The kids have never seen fireworks before, so they are uber excited!! Then on Saturday, Bill is off to do construction again!!! Finally, on Sunday, (Our 12th wedding anniversary!!!!WHOOHOO!!!) we'll be heading back out to sell tickets again and see fireworks again!!! Me, I'm looking forward to the variety of food they will have...food from every part of the world!! OOOOOOOOOOH!!! Indian, Thai, Chinese, Ukrainian, Jamaican....oh my!!!

I've also been busy packing!! I figure the more I can pack now, the less I'll have to do later. Although it bothers me to the core living with boxes stacked everywhere!!lol We did the homeschool shelves yesterday, since I had to make room for our shipment that should be arriving in the next month of homeschool goodies!!! I packed stuff that I know we won't be using this year and even will have a bag ready for Freecycle soon!! I discovered I had a few books that seriously do not mesh with our philosophy of learning anymore, it was bizarre for me reading some of the stuff....after reading John Holt and John Gatto...it was really weird!!lol
Today, I want to finish up the last little bit from those shelves, get some more laundry done and maybe get to the cupboard above the fridge...*shudder* that could be interesting!!lol

Well, time to get the ball rolling!! Have a blessed day!!


Kristin said...

My big ultrasound is tomorrow too! Wow. A little nervous . . .