Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On My Mind................

I proudly breastfeed in public, always have and always will. Not once have I ever been approached by someone and asked to move. I HAVE received plenty of glares and looks of disgust. I can't really understand why, I mean it's not like I have removed my shirt and flopped my breasts out onto the table in a restaurant. I, like most women I know, casually lift up our shirt and babe latches and you carry on with whatever it was you were doing. For most of us, by the time we venturing out and about with a new babe, breastfeeding is fairly well established. Heck, most of us can eat, drink, and carry on a convo all the while our babe enjoys a snack!

Well, apparently there are still people out there who have serious issues with the whole concept and I am SO SICK OF IT.
H&M Incident

I am so proud of these mama's for coming together and supporting one another...that's Mama power!!! I know that even here in my neck of the woods, if I or someone in my group was harassed in public...ooooooooo...there would be a Nurse-In hands down.

What get's me is the disgusting, derogatory comments made by the general public.
Gimme me a break, breastfeeding in public is the equivalent of ur*nat*ng/d*fecati*g/mastur*at*ng in public......are you kidding me?!?!?!
Apparently because breastmilk is a bodily fluid, suddenly it is categorized with these acts and should be done in private?!?!?!

I'm sorry, but a baby/toddler/child eating in public IS NOT the same as those things. Not even remotely close!

Like I always say, if you have an issue with my child breastfeeding in public....feel free to eat YOUR dinner in the bathroom or pull a blanket over YOUR head, because MY child never will.

I have always felt so very blessed to be able to nourish my children with my body. There is something so wonderfully, beautiful watching your baby grow from the liquid gold your breasts produce. It's a gift to my children that I am honoured to provide them with. The mental, emotional, nutritional value that breastfeeding can provide is unsurpassed. I embrace it, I encourage it, I will fight for it.
Breastfeeding will become normal again, because Mama says so!!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!


Jamie said...

great post! Love your blog!