Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Baaaack!!

Hey ya'll!! Did ya miss me?!?!?!

Soooo much to catch up on! First and foremost though....I'M AN AUNTIE!!!!!!!!! My sister had her baby on Sunday July 6th at 5:42pm. He was 5.5weeks early and weighed 4lbs 9ozs and 17 1/4" long....soooo cute! He's doing really good and will hopefully come off of the machine that is helping him breathe and hopefully his Mama can hold and snuggle him today and maybe, just maybe, get him to latch on for a first nip at the boob!!! HURRAYYYYYYY!!! Yes, I am VERY happy and excited!!
I'm really hoping I'll be able to go visit him on Friday evening!! Oh, his name is Henri, they are not sure about a middle name just yet though.

Our holidays were fabulous!! It was wonderful seeing Bill's side of the family, the kids really loved seeing them too. I will put pics up in the Flickr and some on here too, soon.

My pregnancy is going really good! I'm at about 16w3d and still haven't gone to the doctor, but I will be in the next few weeks. I'm just trying to decide whether I want my initial appt to be with my family doc or just ask for a referral right away (my fam doc doesn't do deliveries). The morning sickness is completely gone and I feel fabulous!! Oh how I love this phase! I can quite a bit of movement, mostly like a bunch of butterflies flickering in my belly! I do get the occasional 'bump' here and there, but not strong enough to be felt on the outside, that should happen by the end of this month though. I did a 16w belly pic today, although if you had to guess you would probably assume it's a 20-24w belly!! Of course there is the ongoing banter that it's twins. Interestingly enough, I typically joke right along side the jesters and have questioned the possibility before. This time however, there is a funny 'feeling' in the bottom of my tummy......I'm not sure if it's fear or nervousness or what. I DO know that feeling has never been around before. I haven't noticed a huge difference in symptoms with this pregnancy....morning sickness seemed to hit much stronger and last a bit longer, but my hunger has been INSANE. I feel as though I have gained 20lbs (I don't own a scale so this is just purely a guess based on what clothing does and doesn't fit).

Of course, this could all just be because I am still nursing Matthew (who has no desire to wean at ALL at this point in time LOL) who loves his 'boobie' and still nurses approx every two hrs during the night right now.(he's cutting all four molars and all four eye teeth...owie!) There has been some 'pressure' for me to wean him. A few, who shall remain anonymous, are not all that comfortable with the prospect of my having a nursing 2yo AND a nursing baby...heck, even just a nursing toddler has a few shuddering. Alas, they are my boobs and this is a relationship between myself and my toddler and he is still obviously in need of his boobies...I refuse to deny him that.

Having said all that, here's the pic!
Blessing #7 16 weeks preggers!!!

Well, time to get back to sprucing up the blog site and all the good stuff that I've put off around here!


Kristin said...

Nice looking belly you've got there, Penny! I recall that you measured large last time, but it will be interesting to see if there is more than one. Also, congrats on nursing your little guy so long!

Sandra said...

Congratulations Auntie Penny!! Wow! you're already 16 weeks along already...that baby(or babies?lol) will be here before ya know it. I know you posted belly pics with your other pregnancies or atleast with Matthew. I think it would be interesting if you posted a pic of you pregnant with Matthew at 16 weeks along side this last belly pic and let's compare. Twins would be so neat, wouldn't they? Oy Vey...could you imagine trying to nurse twins AND Matthew...LOL. I'm sure it could be done, though...you just might not ever get any sleep. That's not anything new, right?