Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Photo Kind of Meme

Totally stealing this from Cheri Since I am taking a small break from working Packing losing my mind. So here ya go! Keep in mind that we are heading out for in actuality, this is the perfect time for one of these!!
My Fridge
A little empty!!lol
A Closet
My closet! All of Bill's stuff hangs on a roll-a-way and is in drawers!
Kitchen Sink
There are dishes piled on the left hand side to be washed!
A Toilet
This is the main bathroom.
My Favourite Shoes
My NEW sandals!!Woot!! They're soooo uber comfy!
My Favourite Room
The master bedroom! especially right now because all I can think of sleep!Ha!
What My Kids are Doing Right Now
Matthew had just spilled his cereal on the couch...guess I'll be vacuuming when I get off here!
Kayla and Mariah are busy playing with Alyssa's barbies. Alex refused his pic, he was sitting beside the girls watching a show and the other two are at the dentist!
Laundry Pile
This is the basket that stays upstairs and gets filled with the laundry from the day and then dumped downstairs at bedtime tidy up. It's a bit blurry because my camera batteries were dying.
Self Portrait
new hair...finally a pic!
Dream Vacation
I don't care much for travel, so where we are heading and the people we get to see.....yup, that's my dream vacation! Although, I would love to take the kids to see the ocean...we can drive there!!lol

I'm not tagging anyone in particular, but if you do this...leave me comment so I can come see!!! errrrr, when I get back!

Have an awesomely blessed rest of the month!!!


Lisa said...

You're brave to post all those pix! I don't think my house is photo-ready! Have fun on your trip - wherever it is you are going! :-)