Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!!

Well, Miss Kayla is officially 6yrs old today!! Although it feels like yesterday that I just gave birth to her!! She came out in a mad dash when she was ready. Giving me true "real" contractions at 7:35am....I sent Bill to go get his Mom after the next one at 7:41am...he left and I continued to contract...they were about 5min apart until 8:05is and then BAM!! 3min apart and I couldn't stand, talk or walk through them. In fact I was moaning and the older kids were following me around mocking me!!lol Bill arrived home and we left the house at 8:20am...the entire ride Bill was doing close to 120km and begging me not to let my water break in the van!!lol They continued at 3min apart and every once in awhile they would be 2min apart.
We pulled into the parking and Bill went to get a wheelchair for me, when he came back to the van and opened the door I was in the middle of peaking in a double contraction and was being loud were in underground parking so my moaning echoed and people across the way shouted if everything was alright..Bill shut the door on me!!(this is such a funny story for us the time I could've killed him!!!lol)We got to triage and I was assessed...the nurse said "you're 7-8cm and bulging!!!!" ACK! It was 8:40am. They managed to get me into a room of sorts, throw me on a bed (literally) strap some oxygen on my face and then my water exploded (I just missed Bill, but the hit the wall....and there was Meconium staining!!!lol) and then I yelled..."I am pushing...N-O-W" and in one big long push out came Kayla at 8:46am!! She was perfect and a healthy 7lbs 6ozs and no problems. She screamed and screamed at them until she was nestled in my arms and took to the boob like a pro. We were home by 6pm that was perfect! Crazy, but perfect.

My birthday was good too on Friday!! I'm officially in a new decade of life...I'm looking forward to my 4th decade, I have a good feeling about my 30's! ;o)
I think it's a good stage of life and I'm happy to have been blessed as I have been!
My awesome children made me a super delicious birthday cake from scratch
My "Birfday Cake"
It was so yummy!!!! Thankyou guys!!!
My Mom got me a juicer for my is my new love.
I have been loving the creations I have been able to make and it's so awesome because I hate fruit (I am a veggie girl) but I don;t mind fruit as a juice or a smoothie. It's been absolutely amazing how wonderfully fabulous I have been feeling!!
Today I was adventurous and made a smoothie with this:
the "Mix"
Fresh Organic spinach, parsley, carrot, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and grated ginger. The I add: grated Flax seed and my
This is what I had after:
The "Juice"
Of course, it looks kinda funky, but it's very smooth and so Delicious! I put it in the freezer while I clean up my juicer. I think using either frozen fruit or almost frozen would be ideal.

Well, I have a ton to do this week and I suppose I should get started!! I plan on posting an update in the Habitat and the Homeschool blogs this week.(psssst! If you are a friend/family on Flickr, you can take a sneak peek at the pics!!lol)

I'll wrap this up with a belly pic on my 30th birthday...sentimental because I will never be pregnant on my 30th birthday again!!;o)
On my "Birfday" 25w6d belly pic


Sandra said...

What a great birth story! Only slightly over an hour of labor. Amazing! Your hair cut looks awesome!

The Proverbs Wife said...

I drink smoothies frequently throughout the week. I have never tried one with fresh veggies. You have piqued my curiosity. Thanks for sharing.