Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Monday, It's September...............

So it has been a bit of a crazy morning...well, pretty much every morning is crazy here in some sort of way!lol

We had a really nice weekend, just an easygoing, relaxing time. Bill went and did hours on Saturday, while I hung out with the kids watching them build with K'Nex and did laundry. Sunday, we all just did the pretty much the same thing except that Bill was here all day and helped the kids with some of the K'Nex stuff (totally not my area of expertise!!lol). It was just calm and peaceful, the way life should be.

Alyssa decided as well on Sunday that we needed to go through each of the girls' toy bins and clean them out again....well who am I to disagree?!?! We're still slowly making our way through it all today as well. I hope there will be a donation pickup in our community soon!! Gah! I have boxes all over my house! Some are actually our stuff packed and ready to go, but most of it is stuff I am getting rid of!lol
I am thinking if there isn't a pickup by the end of the month or so, I will Freecycle it all, but I don't know yet.

Friday, I officially join the 30's club!!! Whoohoo!! In reality, it's just another day in my mind!!lol I'm pretty sure my Mom is getting me a Juicer for my birthday!! I am so excited about that.....then I'll be able to make some yummy smoothies much easier!! Next on my list is a food dehydrator!
After we move and get a garden going, I plan on doing some canning...but that's a ways off yet.

So, let's see this week.....hmmmmm, not much really! Doing some more fall cleaning and organizing. Everyone tried on their winter stuff and everything fits!! I just need to get Mariah some snowpants. We'll tackle the boots maybe this week and see what the situation is with hats/gloves/scarves.
Then, I want to try to find some time to make some wool longies in newborn size!! But, we'll see. Then this weekend should be a repeat of this past weekend!
I will probably sit down and do my menu's and grocery list this weekend once I find out what the specials are after Saturday, since grocery shopping is Monday as is Miss Kayla's 6th birthday!!!

well, I best get going. The kids are finishing up some yummy homemade vegetable beef soup with lentils and homemade multigrain bread and will be wanting to get outside!!
Have a blessed Monday!


Kristin said...

Hi Penny -- I see baby is growing and you all are doing well. You are a super-organizer! I haven't come close to getting the winter things ready (but I'd better -- it happens so fast here.)

Sandra said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ms Penny!! Welcome to your 30's!!!I guess I can say that I am still a member of the 30's club for only another year and a few days...I'll turn 39 on Tuesday. I'm with you...this is also my favorite time of the year as well. Good belly pic...Lil bean is growing! I am always so amazed how you have no stretch marks and this is your seventh! You are blessed!! Happy Birthday to Ms. Kayla on Monday....WOW!!! SIX years old already???