Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Tuesday.........

My brain is a little warped so I couldn't think of a better title....other than the obvious!

Sorry I haven't updated for awhile, it has been so busy around here that the days are gone before I can blink!
I will update house stuff in the other blog sometime this week.

As for other doings around here:
We seem to have a chest cold floating around (like the rest of the city!!lol) so far it has hit Bill and Alex, both whom cough and hack all night...as if I didn't have enough trouble sleeping! Finally at four this morning I gave Alex the jar of Vicks and told him to cover the soles of his feet with it...voila!! I really should've done that earlier. Man, does that work like a charm! If only I could get Bill to do that!!lol I'm hoping this virus steers clear of me!! I have not one spare second to waste on a virus!!

Oh, I had some fluffy mail arrive the other day!! I ordered some Unbleached Indian prefolds for both Matthew and the new babe. I also ordered a couple tiny ones for the baby and some Bummis wraps in newborn size. Here's the pic:
Fluffy Mail!!!
I already have a good stash of newborn/infant dipes, but I wanted to try out some different fitteds and needed a couple more covers.

Here's my latest food loves...(gimme a break I'm preggers, food is a very big part of my life right now!!!LOL)
*~Berry Blaster~*
The 'MIX'
The Final Product:
Yummo, berry blaster smoothie

My Twice a Month Treat:
My twice a month treat
~Baked Potato Supreme!!

I have been busy doing crafts as well, trying to see what kinds of things I can make with recycled materials. Here's what I have thus far....
Matthew's Recycled Materials Quilt
~Matthew needed a bigger blankie for his bed so I used up some wool sweater material, an old flannel sheet and some pantlegs from some corduroy pants that didn't fit Bill. I still have a bit more to finish on it, but this gives you an idea!

Next is my Mama sized cloth pads. I refuse to use disposable pads after the babe is born and wanted to make something big and absorbant for me, especially during the first week. Blech!! I have been trying all different types of patterns, this is what I have thus far:
Mama sized Cloth Pads
I am hoping to make at least 9 more and then some smaller sized ones as well.

Also on my crafting and sewing list to do:
~Felted Wool Bag
~Felted wool mitts and socks
~More wool longies for new babe
~finish up new babes recycled blankie (I'll post picks asap)
~get started on Christmas presents (I'm making each child their own pillowcase and then filling it with handmade treats for them.(jammies, a book, soft wool doll for the littles, felted wool hairclips, I-Spy travel bags etc)
~Make each child their recycled Denim stocking

In other words, I really need to hit Value Village ASAP!!!! I need some old jeans, old flannel sheets, old wool sweaters and glass jars.

Well time to get moving...laundry awaits as does various science projects and a good book (Alyssa is really enjoying her Little House on the Prairie books). I also need to get another belly pic done....I'm already 29W3D and I haven't done my 28W pic yet..(too busy taking pics of food!!!lol) Oh YEAH!!!!! Ultrasound is this Friday!! WHOOHOO!!! 3 more sleeps!! We decided that since no one is allowed in there with me (we'll have three little ones with us and their rooms are just too small) I am going to have the technician write the gender on a piece of paper and then I will open it when we get home so that we can all find out at the same time as a family!!!

Have a blessed Tuesday!!


Anonymous said...

Just had to comment on your new picture at the top! I LOVE it!!! How many tries did it take to get such a great shot of everybody???