Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Do You Wanna Know?????????????

Because I know what we're having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First here's a couple of pics:

front of face with two little fists 29W6D
*two little eyes and two little fists*

Baby #7 right foot 29W6D
*right foot*

side profile of face 29W6D
*side profile of the face*

Baby #7 Fingers 29W6D
*fingers and thumb*

Welllllll, I suppose I could tell ya'll..........................




Absolutely, without a doubt!!!

Sooooooo, I have been cleaning out all the BOY stuff I had put together and organized!!LOL I decided I will have Bill take it to a consignment store and the money I receive from that I will in turn go and get some girl stuff I need. Since I had only kept a small box of cute little girl sleepers and had over 4 large boxes (the 77L Rubbermaid bins, I think) of BOYS stuff. So I was right in the very beginning...DOH!!! Should've stayed with that gut feeling....but the morning sickness totally through me off this time around.

The bummer placenta is still within 1cm of my cervix, so I will have to go back in 5-6 weeks again to see if it has shifted upwards with some growth occurring in the uterus over the next few weeks. I'm a little concerned because although this has occurred with all my previous pregnancies, it has ALWAYS been far up and away from the cervix by this point in time. If it hasn't moved at my next's c-section. Ugh, I am really praying hard on this one. I really do not want to be healing from a c-section, having Christmas, packing and getting ready to move, AND all the typical newborn/postpartum stuff. Please pray if you feel led...I really want to have a nice, easy normal natural birth. Really, really badly. I don't want to be stuck in the hospital for 3 days and dealing with nurses and doctors.

Well, time to get back to tidying the kitchen and getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner....pies to bake and dishes to wash!! It's going to be just us, with us fighting this stupid cold/virus thing I just felt it was best to have a quiet dinner.

~*HAPPY THANKSGIVING*~ to all my Canadian friends and family!!
May the Lord continue to bless us all!!


noelle said...

All my doula friends would advise you to use visualization to picture it moving. Prayers for you that it will move so you don't have to have surgery to get this baby out, but if it doesn't move, then you know it's for both your good to have the section.

Hugs! And happy pink thoughts for you!

chel said...

Comgratz, Penny! Sounds like things are really coming together for you guys. Now if only you could get the placenta to co-operate, lol.
So when are we going to get an update on your new house:-)
Great cloth diaper links

Kristin said...

Congrats, Penny! That would have been some surprise at the birth (since you were so convinced it was a boy.) I hope you can avoid that C-Section, though.

Multi-tasking Mom said...

Congratulations Penny! I'll be praying that your placenta moves too. And I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Sandra said...

Congratulations Penny! Have you guys decided on a girls name? I pray that you don't have to have a c section.