Monday, March 30, 2009


Welcome to the new place!

I am pretty sure I have everything up and running smoothly around here, but if you run into any probs, just drop me a note!

We are SOOOOO happy in our new house, although we have spent the last 3.5weeks sick! Blech, we started the third day we were here with a stomach virus that ripped through and then just as that was coming to an end (praise the Lord it was fast!) we had the Flu invade our house. That virus took a lot longer, literally knocking kids down in a matter of an hour. Poor Robbie woke up fine and then within two hours had developed a fever and severe body pain, it was crazy. Thank the Lord, Breanna only got mildly stuffy and cranky for a day and I was only a bit under the weather for a few days. I am praying that everything is done and over with now!! Even though the Flu is nasty and causes a lot of discomfort, I still stand by my decision NOT to vax against it. Now we all have a natural immunity to it (well, this seasons virus anyways!!lol)

Besides all of that, everyone seems to be settling in nicely. Breanna has her own room, Matthew has his own room and Alyssa has her own room. Alex and Robbie share as do Kayla and Mariah. So far this working out good! Breanna has been sleeping through the night in her own bed, which breaks my heart, but it was unfair to her (or I guess selfish on my part!) to keep her beside me when she wasn't sleeping well. So now I snuggle her until about 11ish and then tuck her into her bed and she is out until 6:30am and then I bring her back into bed for a feed before I get up for the day. Matthew also comes in for a snuggle before we begin the day, so that is a really nice way to start my morning!! Bill has changed his shift to help with the commute, so I get up with him first and make him some tea and a lunch to take to work.

Matthew has grown by leaps and bounds! He potty trained himself in TWO DAYS! I was fully prepared for him to be in diapers until he was at least 3.5yrs like the other boys (hence my toddler prefolds purchase awhile back!) but he had other plans!!lol He also decided to sleep in a big boy bed as well, which surprised me since once again, I was fully prepared for him to be in his crib for at least another year or two! He showed me!! His language skills are amazing as well, so clear and articulate!
He can count to 20 and knows his basic colors and can even read a few letters!! He amazes me everyday!

Breanna is doing so very good as well, she is such a happy baby (unless of course I mistakenly ingest something wheat or dairy...then watch out!) she just started really chatting and cooing this past weekend....she can get really loud!! She absolutely adores her siblings and especially loves to snuggle with Alyssa. All of her bald spots have cleared away and now she has been left with a soft downey covering all over her head, I curious to see what color it will be. She is still developmentally at about the 3mo mark, perhaps even a bit behind that, but it will all come on her own time. She LOVES to be snuggled in the wrap and still loves it on my back....but she is a bit of a spitter and many of times I have walked through the day with milk spit-up all down my back....sooo glamorous!!lol

Well, unfortunately my computer time for blogging is coming to an end for today. Leave me a comment to say HELLO!! I've missed all my cyber friends!!

Have a blessed day!!


Tamara said...

Congratulations on the move!

Glad that everyone is on the mend. :-)


noelle said...

We've missed you too! Glad to know you are getting settled and doing well. Can't believe how big Michael must be getting. Those babies don't stay little long enough! :o)

mommyknows said...

I'm so happy to hear Breanna is doing well.

I must be great to be in your own place.