Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

I cannot believe just how quickly March has gone by! I mean it could very well be because we spent the majority of it sick or because we have lived a perpetual winter here....either way, I am amazed.
I am so ready for spring, I am patiently awaiting for some leaf buds to feel some earth beneath my fingers to smell freshness!

I am finding myself in a new situation. For all the years I have had kids, I have gone to a spring/summer and fall/winter used toy and clothing sale to buy the kids their needed clothing. For the last few years I have been entering into the sale and been able to sell what we didn't need and then in turn buy what I needed. Well, this is the first season I won't be doing that. We live just to far away from that area for us to make that drive. So now I am finding myself trying to figure out how to get the kids some spring/summer clothes! Consignment stores are a joke in my humble opinion, the cost of stuff is pretty ridiculous. Value Village is not too bad, but you're at the mercy of what they have in stock (although true with the Used toy and clothing sale, at least you know it's all kid stuff) I haven't had the time to man Freecycle to see if anything comes up on there. *sigh* I guess I should heed my own advice and just trust the Lord to provide as He has always done.

Today's agenda: clean out the fridge make my two week menu and tweak the grocery list....it's grocery shopping night!!! We are on the verge of needing to pull in a third cart...I am digging my heals in the dirt determined to put that off for a bit longer!!lol So for now I am mastering the art of strategic cart placement, which proves to be quite the challenge some days...but hey, I am always up for a good challenge...I mean, easy means boring!!lol

More on the kids..Alex is on the brink of pushing through from the 'tween' into full adolescent. I am excited and nervous. I am excited because I think he will be a wonderful young adult and nervous because his Tourette's is seeming to be getting worse. For those who aren't familiar with Tourette's, it *usually* peaks at the prime of puberty (how cruel is that???) I am trying very hard to research homeopathic and natural treatments for him, but I think we may just end up going to see a Naturopath. I am so, so thankful that I am able to homeschool him through this, such a tremndous blessing! Although with adolescence comes normal teenage boy stuff.....I think there may be times it will seem as though I live in a frat house, thankfully there is a fair amount of estrogen in here to hopefully balance it out! Although, that much estrogen presents a whole 'nother set of circumstances...lol!

Kayla is currently in the process of pulling out her very first tooth....awwwww...wasn't she just a toddler?!?! This is the fourth time we've crossed this bridge and it feels like the first. Extremely loose teeth creeps me right out...seriously, it makes me shiver and feel slightly nauseous.....UPDATE: she had just come in here and it was hanging so I helped her with the last tug....Kayla lost her very first tooth at 9:54am!! HA!!! Live on this blog....lol Looks like the tooth fairy has some business tonight! ;o)

Mariah is next up and is at the wonderful 4.5yo stage, you never know if you will have happiness or a breakdown. She has also decided that she is currently in kindergarten and will begin University next semester!!lol She has a strong opinion about most things and is not afraid to share it. Which when you enter an equally assertive 2yo into the picture...well....it tends to get a bit loud. She is still a snuggler though and needs at least a good 15-30min long snuggle each day to fill up her love tank! She is still a teenie weenie and hopefully by the summer will be able to move into a booster seat instead of a car seat! Much to her sheer delight!

Alyssa is also slowly getting ready to cross over into the world of tweenagedom, she is still very much a little girl though and I only see small snippets of what is to come. She is my right hand in the kitchen and while she was down and out with the flu recently (much to her dismay) I missed her a lot!! Not only for her help, but for her chitter chatter and ideas on things and well....just her being her!! She is very reliable when it comes to me needing an extra set of hands for Breanna (although she will not *do* diapers!!lol) and is always happy to snuggle her baby sister.

Robbie is doing awesome too. He has such a kind heart and is always concerned for the welfare of everyone else. He also is not afraid to share his opinion and is working hard on his patience. He is a brilliant artist and I love how he keeps developing his spatical thinking! He can visualize things that just amaze me and is the one we turn too when we need help putting things together. he has become quite the Lego fanatic (well he has been for quite awhile now) and can build almost anything. One day awhile back there was a Lego artist on Rachel Ray, and he was so impressed with what this guy could do. I told him there was no reason why he couldn't do something like that as well! The sky is the limit!!!

Bill and I are doing really good. We are *finally* beginning to relax a bit now and it is such a relief being in a new house and having all that stress behind us. We are very much looking forward to going on holidays in a couple of months. I have been trying hard to talk him into growing a beard (he's never had one before) but he's a little unsure...I think he looks awesome with one, but at the same time he's equally as handsome without! I am trying very hard to grow my hair out a bit, but ugh, it's at that awkward stage and it's driving me crazy. I keep resisting the temptation to go and have it all chopped again. not to mention the fact that I am still shedding like mad (postpartum goodness) I find my hair EVERYWHERE and I really don't like it. I am also tempted to go and get it chopped because soon Breanna is going to get tot the stage where hair pulling is going to be a fun activity and being on my back can facilitate the desire to do so! So, we'll see!

Well, time to get busy on my day! Doing laundry is an absolute joy now with my Whirlpool Duet oh, how I love them!!! I also love my fridge...which....is what I need to go and clean!!!

have a blessed day!!

Keep the comments coming! It's so awesome to hear from you all, please tell me if I am missing your blog too!!