Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool.....NOT!

I am not much of a practical joker....anymore. I used to love the excuse of April Fool's day to be able to plot against someone (usually my poor mother) but since being a mama, the thought just doesn't occur to me anymore. Last year I did however get the kids, I told them that there was no longer going to be anymore weekends. That the government saw them as a waste of time and that a 5 day week would be much more efficient!!lol This year.......I have drawn a blank. At least I still have a few hours to plot...hmmmmmmmmm!!!

Grocery shopping was actually very smooth last night. I even came in $3 UNDER budget....sweet!!! Now today I will continue with the putting away of everything...I gave up when the clock struck midnight! Seeing all the spring themed stuff at the store just helped amplify my desire for this snow/wind/blizzard type weather to be ON IT'S WAY OUTTA HERE!!!! I am so ready to get up early in the morning, crack open my windows and smell that fresh air and hear some birds (although I'm not so sure I will hear any birds since there isn't a tree anywhere near me....waaaaaa!)

Is it a bad thing that I have made a list of things I need to make a list of? I thought about this after I looked at my list of errrrr........lists. I need to do a homeschool inventory and make up a list of stuff to get for 'next year' (we basically 'school' all year now) I need to go through everyone's clothes and see who needs what for spring/summer. I have to re-design the chore lists and re-design my laundry chart.......the list goes on!!lol The funny thing is that since we have evolved into an un-schooling family, I have actually become much more relaxed...scary, huh?!?!?
This is an area where Bill and I make the perfect match. You see, he is always the first to bring me down and remind me that hey, we have seven kids!! I totally need to hear that when I am freaking out because there are crumbs on the floor or fingerprints on the wall or spilled milk stuck to the table. In all honesty, it's not even going to be a thought in 20years.....but spending time with everyone and exploring new things certainly will be!

I am pretty excited about this summer after we get back from holidays, we are going to go to many places in our's been a LONG time since we have been able to go and enjoy a lot of activities. I am looking forward to picnics out in the country on the weekends.....trips to the zoo.....going to a few museums and what ever else we can find to do!!

Have a blessed day!