Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Weapon of Choice..........My wheat/dairy free bread!!

Okay, so this whole wheatfree/dairyfree (to which I will refer to as WF/DF from this point on) has been quite the adventure for my culinary skills, but I have enjoyed it! Trying new things has been a lot of fun and I love to cook. However, there is one thing I cannot for the life of me figure out, and that is how to make a soft loaf of WF/DF bread. Each time I make it, it smells wonderful and I get teased with the thought of a nice PB&J sandwich only to be crushed (no pun intended) by this loaf of dense, rock hard weaponry bread! HELP!!!!

Any of my Mama friends out there know how to make a nice loaf of bread that is wheatfree (wheat and bulgar grain are the only issues we have seen thus far) and Dairyfree? It can definitely have eggs, as that doesn't seem to bother her and yeast is alright as well. I can make awesome muffins, pancakes, cookies, and cakes but my bread is the trouble!!! Which really frustrates me because I can make normal bread no problem. *sigh*

This weekend is going to be busy. Bill is taking me to fabricland (yes, voices sing and a glow of light shines down when I say that!!!)to get some cotton fabric to make myself and the girls some sundresses. We are also going to be going through the clothing stock and taking inventory of who needs what, at least with the next season being spring/summer, it gives me a little more room to make things work!
Breanna is taken care of in the clothing department. I met a lady online who just happened to give birth to twin girls at 32weeks....two months before Breanna!! Perfect!! So she puts together a small bundle to fit my budget (which was smaller this time since our dog had a skin infection develop because the move stressed her and we had a nice vet bill to pay!). The clothing is wonderful and in great condition to, so that works out great!!(not too mention it's super cute!!)

I just can't wait to break out the sewing machine, now that I have an actual sewing area to use!! maybe I will actually get some projects done!!(maybe!!)

Be blessed!


Christina said...

I clicked on your old blog and found your new one. If you want to keep all your old enties you can import your old entires into you new one so you only have one blog. I had three that I condensed.
Christina from BBC