Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's a New Day

Breanna seems to be doing much better, it usually takes about 3-4days before she shows improvement and we are on day 3. I know it takes about a week for my milk to get clear of the allergen (some experts say more or less). Poor thing. I feel awful, but it just goes show, time and time again, that I have to stick with certified foods. I'm nervous about her having table foods, but I suppose I'll cross that bridge when we get there. She is no where near being ready for table foods as of yet, so I have some time.

Matthew continued with his grumpiness throughout the day yesterday. I was truly begining to thiknk maybe an ear infection or something was to blame. Although he has no other symptoms. We decided to get everyone into bed a bit earlier last night and so far (I say this with some hesitation in the fear I may jinx myself) today has been much better. However, it is still only 10am.

Long weekend coming up! I love long weekends (really, who doesn't?!?!) it means that I get to have my hubby home for an extra day, which I love. We have Breanna's pediatrician appointment on mOnday afternoon...it will be interesting to see how much she weighs and to learn more about her possible
Hemanginoma on her armpit. It doesn't really look like the ones the link shows as it is not colored, just slightly blueish tinged. I'm praying that it isn't anything serious or anything that will require extensive tests. I had broguht her into a walk-in doctor back in Januaury to check it out since I had just noticed it while I was giving her a massage. He said that it most likely had been there since birth and I just didn't notice it. Uh, HELLO?!?!? I think I would've noticed a two dolloar coin sized LUMP on my teenyweenie preemie!!! Grrrrrr!! Doctors frustrate me sometimes. (okay, pretty frequently) Like the docotor who we had taken Kayla into see during this last illness (she was really crying over her ear hurting....I really need to get me a Otoscope!!lol) suggested we take her to McDonalds because it doesn't matter WHAT they eat when sick, just as long as they eat. *smacks my forehead* Okay, where do I even start with that?!?!!? *sigh*

On the topic of food....I am going to totally cheat and put my Menu Plan Monday up on the food blog TODAY, even though it's TUESDAY it will say it's MONDAY!!lol I love that I can edit dates......muhahahahaha!!!

Be blessed!