Monday, April 6, 2009

No Fabric for me......

Saturday morning started out well and good. I managed to get little ones dressed, hair done bag packed, pottying done etc and we were out the door!

However after our first stop to purchase a new carseat/booster seat for Mariah, Matthew decided he needed to go pee. No problem I thought, I'll just bring him in with me at Fabricland. So, I take Alyssa with me because she was dying to see the inside of Fabricland. I decided rather than trying to find a bathroom in the squishy store filled with fabric loveliness, I would just run into Winners. Lo and behold they're having a dress sale, so after taking him the bathroom I decided to take a peek in there and see what they had. Matthew was doing awesome and happily walking holding his sister's hand and chatting away to us. I found a dress that I loved but not in a size that would work for me. Apparently I took much longer than Matthew's attention span or rather, threshold, could take. He began to take things from shelves, rip the price tags off, run underneath the clothing racks, run away from his sister and I and whatever else he could manage to do. At first he was amused by my look of despair, but the rush of infuriating mommy quickly became stale and soon he replaced it with sheer anger and voiced it rather loudly. I decided that there was no way I could search any longer and had to get out of there NOW!

Matthew had found some Winnie the Pooh toy and I removed it from his hand (while telling him that we were not buying this today.....I scooped him up since he lost his ability to walk. The screams that followed were enough to shatter glass, I'm sure. As we walked into the mall area his shrill screams echoed. Every single person turned their head (well, who wouldn't?!?! Matthew can hit decibels that would make a dog run) He continued to scream as we marched ourselves out of the mall. He then decided that screaming just wasn't very effective and began kicking and arching his back all the while screaming right into my hear (it buzzed for awhile afterwards).
As I approached the van outside, Bill got out and was trying to figure out what exactly was going on. (I think the people standing at the restaurant beside the doors thought I was kidnapping him.......)Then Bill tried to help me get him into his carseat and literally had to pry him off of me as he had a grip on my jacket. Matthew then proceeded to scream the entire way home, much to everyones horror, for the 20min drive.

He then continued for another 45min once we got home. By this point my brain was seeping out of my eardrums (or what was left of it anyways)..... he then stopped long enough for a nap, which we were all very grateful for.

Needless to say, I never made into Fabricland, came home empty handed, all except for a screaming toddler.

To add insult to injury, at some point in time I must've ingested either wheat or dairy because Breanna has been absolutely miserable with tummy pain and spitting up. I'm not sure what it is, however I am suspecting these Asian noodles I got that are supposed to be just rice flour, however, I'm not wondering if there is un-declared wheat or dairy in them. It may be another new allergy, so I am keeping my guard up.
Very frustrating when things like this happen.

Yup, just another day!


chel said...

Penny! Nice to have you back in the blogging world. Hope all is well. I look forward to reading more:-)

Lisa said...

I think we've all had those days. I agree, nice to have you blogging again!
I emailed you awhile ago, but wasn't sure if I got your address right or not. Anyways we met while my babe and your babe were neighbors in the NICU for a couple days (nov.20).