Friday, April 3, 2009



Holiday Dinner on a Dime

This is the majority of our holiday dinners!!lol Anyways, this Easter we are just having us (which is dinner for 9, technically 8 since Breanna won't be eating!!lol)
On the Menu is:
Honey Ham
mashed potatoes
au gratin potatoes
mixed veggies (steamed and raw)

Of course there will be versions for me to be able to enjoy. The decorations will be courtesy of the kids. A bed sheet with pretty flowers will be the table cloth.

My tip would be to find things around the house to use for decorating purposes. How about a bowl of fruit as the center piece or even just a basic plant?!? Cut out Easter Eggs and let the kid's decorate them and use them as placecards. I typically begin planning for Easter approx 1 month earlier so I can watch the sales and make sure I have everything.

I always try to fit a celebration into my budget, it's more about the people and the memories than having the most expensive cut of meat or hors d'orves. Simple and served with love should be the goal!!

Be blessed!


Mom2fur said...

Your dinner sounds wonderful! My sil does Easter. But I have a ham and I have pierogies. After reading your menu, I'm going to use them together. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! You've got me thinking about how to fancy up with kids art work for our own celebration. We'll have 13 of our 16 at home, I think. =)