Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's the Winter that won't end.....ever!

Ok, so yes, I am whining. We awoke to a blizzard of sorts this morning. BLOWING.SNOW....ewww. If someone such as myself, who normally loves winter and snow, is sick of the sight of white...then that has to say something. Not only has it been blowing flakes off and on thus far today, the wind is CRAZY!!! If I open my front door and don't turn my head quickly enough, I cannot get a breath. It's insane!

Alright, enough whining for now. I really do not want to hear about my southern friends and the nice warm temps they are having.....I.DON'T.WANT.TO.HEAR.IT!!!

I have been a busy bee this morning trying VERY hard to squeeze a meal plan and grocery list out of my budget. The flyers were pretty pathetic....not even a special offer! Most times my grocery store offers a coupon for either a free item or gift card or a discount on gas. (one time I got $175 worth of gift cards!!WHOOHOO!!) This time, there is nothing. Hmph!
Speaking of coupons, I have three coupons for $8.99 haircuts. Alyssa and I are going to use two this weekend. I made a decision to hack my hair off, I can't take it anymore, it is driving me batty. Alyssa needs a trim and some layers to, so we'll make a girls time of it....maybe sneak off to the Good Earth Cafefor a tea!

Breanna's appointment went good. We have to go for an x-ray on her hip since the original ultrasound showed 'mild' hip displaysia. *sigh* The doctor said he thought he felt a click on her hip, but that he wasn't overly concerned. The lump on her armpit requires a peek by a radiologist, since like me, he said no to a hemanginoma and referred to it as a Lipoma
Never a dull moment, I tell ya. The visit went very well and I have to say, that so far he is my favourite doctor so far. He truly trusts me as a mama and values my opinion.....oh yeah, and the Christian literature and the Juice Plus info all over the walls helps a bit too. He is also very up to speed with Vitamin D and seems pretty balanced when it comes to vaxxing (I say balanced because he is, after all, a pediatrician who works for the health region). I have no idea what her weight is, since her appointment was not booked as a *well baby checkup* instead it was booked as a *followup*...hmph, I guess it's different with an actual pediatrician!

Um, what else is new and exciting.........yeah, got nothing. I have all these wonderful post ideas that I want to share and then I sit down and....suddenly everyone needs me at that exact moment. Well, back to menu planning and then hopefully I'll get it up on here...errrr...I mean the food blog.

Be blessed!