Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Sustainable Food Budget Challenge


So I am going to try my hardest to follow through with this Challenge with my upcoming trip. My budget allotment is $1445.88 converted into CAD. I'm not sure what my last bill was since this is based strictly on food and my bill shows everything I bought....and well, I am too lazy to really sit down and figure out what the food parts were. (I will though!!) I normally try VERY hard to buy things that are sustainable and organic. However, I don't shop at Farmers Markets or the Organic Speciality shops....there is noway I can afford to feed 6 kids an all organic diet. I wish I could, but it's not possible. A 4l jug of Organic milk is $10.59 where a jug of regular milk is $4.28...we go through two jugs every 3 days. I did however, pop into our local organic supermarket yesterday and got a huge bunch of bananas for $2.59!! (they were .59/lb) and some of my food and supplements. I dunno, does my Smoothie Mix count?

I will be so happy when Bill starts hunting again.......and if I can save up to buy 1/2 a cow....sigh....I'll be so happy when this way of living becomes mainstream again.......how on earth did we ever think the other was better?Ugh! No wonder my Grandma doesn't even shrug a shoulder when I tell her I can make laundry soap!!HA!

Okay, now I am REALLY going back to my grocery list!!