Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grocery Shopping Results

Shopping for 9 on a tight budget AND buying as much as I can sustainable and/or organic is very difficult. I already knew that though. Since I don't drive, I'm really limited to where I can go and basically need to do all my shopping at one place. At least they have quite a few options and are easy on the budget...for the most part. Of course there are quite a few things that I REALLY hope to eliminate from the grocery budget in exchange for a much healthier option (see the post above)
Until then, it is what is and I am super happy that we have at least come a long way!
I think it will make a huge difference over the next year when I can get a good garden going.

Here's the fridge:

So here's what I want to completely eliminate from the lineup:
-granola bars
-fluorescent foods
-store bought bread
-foods with artificial flavourings/colors
and anything else that I may have missed that has been processed and is so far off from it's natural state!lol
A few of these will require some convincing on Bill's part and the kids. Mac 'n' Cheese is probably the easiest right now and next would be the granola bars. The hardest ones will be the bread and the cereal.

I have most likely failed the challenge since I'm certain I went over my *budget*, however it did succeed in really making me concentrate on where the stuff I buy comes from even more so than before.

So, I will keep trying and keep working at it. We have come a long way and to see just how far we've come makes me keep at it!!(and the positive health benefits that have followed is convincing too!!)

Here's a breakdown of choices I made and/or regularly make:
-fair trade tea
-organic sugar
-organic produce (except for some pre-packaged salad and broccoli)
-eggs are free range and organic (I budget $30 every two weeks for that...yup, I wish raising chickens was legal here too!)
-99% percent of my stuff is organic or local
probably more, but I can't think of it right off the top of my head since I have had to come back to this post 989 356 times!lol

I will update this whole challenge near the end of the month with totals spent.

Be blessed!


Kelly said...


Wow, your fridge was so empty on Wednesday! I don't know how you fit everything in there, my fridge is always full like that after shopping and there is only the 4 of us...