Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday


Cloth, cloth and more cloth.......

I LOVE anything that is cloth that I can use for stuff around the house.
Cloth napkins, tablecloths (except for birthdays sometimes), towels (although I do buy some recycled paper towel for extremely dirty stuff like dog messes...she's a puker) and of course cloth diapers and wipes. My newest most favourite has got to be personal cloth or family cloth as some know it as. I have been using family cloth for quite sometime now and I have decided to share it with cyberspace (yes, I know very thoughtful...I thought so too!!lol)
Ok, so I hear you know "Ewwwwwwwww" that sounds disgusting! No toilet paper?!?!? YUCK!! I know this because my husband shares the same opinion!!lol
I have done this for so long now, it is just second nature. However in the beginning it took some getting used to. Mostly just the concept and remembering.
It is very easy and economical, although I'd imagine there would be much more saving involved if the entire family converted. Right now it's just me and Matthew and I am trying to talk the others into it. The younger ones think it's cool while the older ones think it's a bit weird.!!

So here's the positives I have found so far:
*I have not had issues with bladder or yeast infections since switching (I switched about 10 months ago) now this could be partly because of dietary changes as well.
*It is really, REALLY easy to do especially if you are using cloth diapers. I just toss them in the diaper pail and wash with them.
*The cleanliness level is WAY up there...nuff' said
*I'm sure there would be a huge cost benefit if the whole family used this method, but since we don't, I'm not sure.

The Negatives:
* It does get tricky while out and about or visiting people, not so bad while I am toting a baby since I normally take the baby to a bathroom with me. Or at least a kid anyways!!lol
I have found that just by keeping two ziploc baggies in my purse or diaper bag one labeled DIRTY and the other CLEAN is pretty easy.
Before we go out I wet some cloths and stick them in the clean baggie...good to go!

I use two kinds of cloths, one is just regular plain white facecloths. I used a totally different color since my husband was worried about the possibility of using a facecloth that may have inadvertently been used for another purpose!lol The face and body cloths are colored (blue, black etc). After use, I just take it with me and toss it in the diaperpail.Done!
I also have a bunch of 'baby washcloths' that I use only for butt's....they're a bit smaller and are pretty portable. All of the clothwipes and diapers get washed on my sanitary cycle, so I'm not worried about bacteria. Plus, I trust vinegars antibacterial properties as well as a shot of teatree oil every once in awhile...or even a bleach wash every two or three months.

I also can't recommend enough about using cloth for feminine hygiene as well. I made a bunch before Breanna was born and let me tell you how happy I was to have those in the hospital and afterwards.
I am a complete convert....and let me tell you I NEVER thought I would ever be able to get rid of my tampons, but here I am!!! Happy to never buy those again!!
The health benefits are amazing too!! Can't beat that aspect!

So, that is my tip for this week's edition of WFMW-Frugal Edition!!
Any questions? Leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do!!

Oh, and by the way...for those I know in real life....
If you're ever in my house and find yourself looking for a cloth for some reason in my bathroom....heed this word of caution:


'Becca said...

It's fascinating that you have not had infections with reusable cloth! People think disposable products are so much more sanitary, but when I switched from disposable tampons to a reusable cup I suddenly stopped getting UTIs all the time, and I've talked with many other women who had the same experience.

Cloth, cloth, cloth! I love it! I haven't tried "personal cloth" on any regular basis because I work outside the home so I'm using a public restroom (typically leaving my purse in my office) about half the time...but I'm so tempted because I dislike the way toilet paper comes apart and leaves little icky bits all over me. >:-(

A Mama in Seventh Heaven said...

Totally!! Here I thought something was wrong with ME...DUH! Change the environment...Natural Health has changed my life...for the better!! :o)

Renee said...

another convert and will never go back.. I use my diva cup with my cloth~love them both. No more rashes :)
Renee (TOK)