Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I thought it was Thursday..............

unfortunately it is only Wednesday. Ug. I like it better when I think it's Tuesday and it's really Friday. Oh well, such is life!

So how's your week going? Last night we had another homeowners class. This one was all about credit. Yet again the speaker was awesome, but we didn't learn anything new. I think it's because these classes are very basic, kwim? There were two things that she mentioned that were definitely not the case for us. The first was that you must either own a home or other large assets in order to qualify for a line of credit. NOPE! Not for us. I qualified about 8 years ago while self employed and renting. Mind you it is very small in comparison to what most people apply for!!lol But still, we have it and are still paying for it!!blech! The second was that it is not possible to live without credit cards. Um, NOPE! We've been living without credit cards for 10 years now, and while it's difficult, it's not impossible. Although, I do suppose if we had a small one and used it for things like groceries and then paid it off before the 21 day cycle (don't be fooled about the 28 day myth!!!) it would probably help up our credit score. We'll see.

In other happenings, Bill's dad left very early this morning. So sad to see him go since the chances of him ever coming out this way again are slim to none. He's seen our new house and tied up some loose ends here regarding Bill's moms banking stuff. So we won't be seeing him until next summer.*sigh* I miss everyone out there so much..............

My mom is coming to visit the kids today and then she and I are going to head out for coffee and then to visit my Grandma. I'm looking forward to it!! It will be sad to see my Grandma is rough shape, but I feel so strongly that I need to see her.

This weekend is busy, busy!!! We are heading out to a historical village for awhile on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to this as they are having a farmers market type of thing and the produce will be at turn-of-the-century prices!!WOOT!!! I like the sounds of that! Then we have to hit Costco and Superstore for groceries. Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it. This weekend also marks our first cycle on our new reduced budget...should be interesting.
Thankfully there are so many brilliant Mama's out there with loads info and resources to help me at least make a plan. I know one thing for sure, we are not willing to change our eating habits!! Which, we shouldn't even have to since I make all of our foods from scratch (except a couple of 'treats' and Ketchup!!lol)I am so proud of my family and what they have accomplished, especially Bill.
I found this awesome post over at Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op it's an excellent way to approach living on a budget and not forsaking healthy, nutritious foods.

Still trying to find a Used Toy and Clothing sale closer to home here, no such luck yet. One community has one, but they only allow community members to rent a table...but anyone can go and shop! Umm, as nice as that sounds, I NEED to be in the sale selling stuff so I can purchase the stuff I need. It's how I make it work. Any money I make on the clothing I sell goes directly towards purchasing the clothing I need for the kids.

Umm, what else............oh! I received the first part of our homeschool stuff at the beginning of summer (I'll post pics later) and should be receiving the next part here soon. Some stuff was on backorder. I need to get another order together to replace the stuff that was out of print.
Then I need to put the finishing touches on everyones learning plan (the sheet of paper that makes the government happy!!lol) and we're good to go!!(even though we've been 'going' all along...hehe)

We finally have grass and a finished fence!! Now all we have left to do is stain the steps and make my garden have no idea how totally ecstatic I am over having a garden!!!lol A REAL garden that will be all mine from the get go!!! Let's hope I can make it happen!!!lol

Well, best be going for now!! Have an awesome Thursday Wednesday!!