Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Thought it would be good if I got back inot the swing of things with MPM again, I can't make promises, but I'm sure gonna try!!
I was successful with my new grocery budget this go around, it took a lot of planning and work, but I made it happen!
So here's the line up this week:

MONDAY: french toast with homemade syrup and cut up cantaloupe
TUESDAY: homemade hamburgers and potato fries with salad
WEDNESDAY:Salmon, brown rice and dilled corn
THURSDAY:Grilled chicken breast and perogies with steamed broccoli
FRIDAY:Pizza Stromboli and carrot/celery sticks
SATURDAY:Sloppy Joes. baked potatoes and peas
SUNDAY: BBQ chicken, coconut rice and grilled veggies

homemade waffles (apple and cinnamon, plain, banana etc)
homemade pancakes (same)
eggs and toast
bacon and eggs
fruit salad

homemade WF/CF cookies and muffins
banana bread
homemade pudding
Frozen vanilla yoghurt
smoothcicles(smoothies frozen into popcicle molds)

So, there you have it!!