Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some of My Fav's and things I *heart*

I have been using this most awesome 'stuff' for everything from general cleaning around the house to laundry to getting stains out of the carpet to getting permanent marker off of our lcd computer screen. This stuff works and it works SOOOOO good. I have yet to come across something it will not clean. The best part? It's completely harmless!! No harsh fumes. No damage to your skin or surfaces!!
Some of you may have already heard of it. This awesome stuff is called
I honestly cannot say enough good things about this stuff, I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Next on my list is this, these bags are incredible and have increased the freshness of our produce by the very least 5 days and in some cases even longer! Imagine nice yellow banana's for almost 12 days!! Crisp celery for 3 wks!! Apples fresh for up to 2wks...the list goes on! They are reusable and washable, so if you don't mind washing your bags (I wash all my ziploc bags so this wasn't a new thing for me) This will save you money and worth the initial cost of the bags!

Next on my list is this awesome website oh how I have been *swooning* over this place, it's a combination of my fav things. Taking pics and then creating a fabric out of it for sewing!!
Of course you do not need pics, you can use different methods. But let me tell you, it has my creative juices flowing like wildfire!! Unfortunately for me, we do not use credit cards so my chances of doing this are slim to none. boohoo.

HOWEVER, just for today(Aug.20th) they are offering two FREE swatches check out THIS for more info.
Have fun!!

I'll be back with a challenge in my next post!!!